Transcript: Weight room makeover helps boost fitness for Denver students

A stone sign stands in front of a large building. Light piano music plays


                                    HIGH SCHOOL

                                    HOME OF THE


                                    100 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE

                                    CLASS OF 1994

KEVIN: North High School's been here since 1911 on this campus, and the room that we're standing in right now, this was a dirt room.

Kevin Bendjy stands in a weight room and speaks to someone off-camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Kevin Bendjy

                                    Assistant Principal and Athletic Director

Two people paint a purple stripe along a white wall behind workout equipment.

A man tightens something on a large metal structure.

Two people use ratchets to tighten a bolt.

A man uses a hammer to hit the lower legs of a large shelf.

Sean Bowers stands in a gymnasium in front of a group of people opening large cardboard boxes. He speaks to someone off-camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Sean Bowers

                                    Physical Education Teacher

SEAN: The kids didn't have respect for the space because they could tell that nobody put time into it.

Lawrence West wears a football jersey and stands in a room surrounded by workout equipment.

ON SCREEN TEXT:    Lawrence West


LAWRENCE: Old equipment everywhere and, like, just overused equipment. Like, there was, like, cracks in the dumbbells.

Sean is interviewed in the gym.

SEAN: Wellness for our high school teenagers is extremely important.

A group of people in gray t-shirts move workout machines and yoga mats out of a narrow room.

SEAN: They are not quite adults yet. They don't know how to manage quite all the emotions.

Someone grabs a large rubber weight from a rack.

SEAN: And just the physical health is gonna help them. It's gonna make a big difference.

A woman carries a large metal rack through the weight room.

A time-lapse video shows people moving large boxes in and out of a gymnasium.

The video fades and white text appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT:    UnitedHealthcare "Do Good. Live Well."

                                    volunteers teamed up with the

                                    Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation to renovate

                                    high school weight rooms across

                                    the country–to leave a legacy of

                                    health and wellness.

The text disappears and the video comes back into view.

A woman lifts a large black pad onto a pile of other pads.

A line of people carry metal racks through a hallway.

A woman ratchets a bolt on a large metal structure.

Two women create straight lines using green tape on a brick wall.

KURSTYN: The refurbishments that we're making today are really gonna bring the community together, give the children in the community a safe place to come, get some workouts on.

A woman uses a roller to paint a white column purple.

Kurstyn Montez is interviewed in the gymnasium and speaks to someone off-camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:    Kurstyn Montez

                                    UnitedHealthcare Volunteer

Teenagers wearing football uniforms walk into the room with Kevin.

KEVIN: Come on, come on.

MADISON: My first impression of the room was, I was completely blown away by all the new equipment.

Madison Menke is interviewed.

ON SCREEN TEXT:    Madison Menke


MADISON: To have support come to our school, it makes me feel really grateful.

Teenage boys lean back and grab onto handles attached to straps before pulling themselves up.

MAN: It's a push-up.

A coach walks through the room as a line of high schoolers do push-ups.

MAN: This is the most foundational press that you can do.

Susana Cordova sits on bleachers and speaks to someone off-camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:    Susana Cordova

                                    Denver Public Schools Superintendent

SUSANA: I think this project is such an incredible example of taking something that really, you know, started literally with dirt-- literally with, like, an unusable space and creating a state-of-the-art facility that helps kids realize they matter, they're valued.

Several woman use Allen wrenches to assemble metal bleachers in a pool area.

An overhead shot shows a time-lapse of people bringing weights into the room.

A coach speaks to students in the room as they stand and listen.

Lawrence is interviewed in the weight room.

LAWRENCE: It just gives me, like, the goosebumps sometimes. 'Cause, like, without them helping our community, we would have, like, the rusty dumbbells and stuff, so.

A slow-motion shot shows several teenagers in football jerseys shaking hands with volunteers in gray t-shirts.

LAWRENCE: I really like that.

Kevin stands in the weight room with students in football jerseys.

KEVIN: Hey. Two claps for--

Everyone claps in unison.

KEVIN: Two claps--

Everyone claps in unison.

KEVIN: Thank you, guys. We appreciate it.

The students applaud.

The screen fades to white and the UnitedHealthcare logo appears in blue.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealthcare®