Transcript: 5 stretches to help increase your flexibility

Blue text fades in over a white backgroun with a UnitedHealthcare U logo, while sleek music plays.

ON SCREEN TEXT:    5 stretches to

                                    increase flexibility

                                    1. Seated figure 4 (glutes)

In a fitness studio, an older woman in workout clothes takes a seat in a chair. Text accompanies her motions as she rests an ankle on her knee and presses the crossed knee.

ON SCREEN TEXT:    Sit up straight in the chair

                                    Cross one leg onto the other

                                    Gently press your knee down

                                    Hold for 10-15 seconds

                                    Switch legs

                                    Repeat 2-3 times

                                    2. Hamstring stretch

Now, with one foot in front of the other, the woman bends forward and places her hands on the chair.

ON SCREEN TEXT:    Keep feet flat on ground,

                                    pointed straight ahead

                                    Press hips back

                                    Hold for 10-15 seconds

                                    Switch legs

                                    Repeat 2-3 times

                                    3. Elbow point-and-lean (back)

The woman sits and clasps her hands behind her head, then leans to the side.

ON SCREEN TEXT:    Sit up straight in chair

                                    Place hands behind head,

                                    elbows out to the side

                                    Try to touch your elbow to your hip

                                    Squeeze shoulder blades

                                    together as you lean

                                    Repeat stretch 2-3 times

                                    on both sides

                                    4. Hip flexor

Next, the woman rolls out a yoga mat and puts her arms out for balance while she lunges.

ON SCREEN TEXT:    Bring a foot forward like a

                                    standing lunge

                                    Bend front knee as far

                                    as is comfortable

                                    Hold for 10-15 seconds

                                    Switch legs

                                    Repeat 2-3 times

                                    5. Behind-the-back stretch

                                    (chest and back)

The woman stands up straight on the yoga mat and puffs out her chest.

ON SCREEN TEXT:    Clasp hands together behind your back

                                    Lift arms up toward the ceiling

                                    until you feel a good stretch

                                    Hold for 10-15 seconds

                                    Repeat 2-3 times

The UnitedHealthcare logo appears, and the screen fades to black.