Transcript: ‘It takes the life of healthy people:’ A doctor urges flu vaccination after losing son

Gentle ambient music plays throughout.

A still photo shows a man, Brent, smiling and looking at the camera. Then, Grace and her husband Jeb sit interviewing on their living room couch.

GRACE: He just was full of life. He just loved – he could talk to anybody, like this one.

She gestures toward Jeb.

GRACE: He was tenacious, he was…

JEB: Passionate.

GRACE: Passionate.

Blue text centers a white background:

ONSCREEN TEXT:           Dr. Jeb Teichman and his wife Grace lost their son Brent to the flu.

New text appears:

ONSCREEN TEXT:           They were on vacation when they found out.

A photo shows Brent using a shaker to sprinkle powdered sugar over four plates of French toast.

Jeb interviews on the couch. A blue bar appears at the bottom left of the screen, containing text:

ONSCREEN TEXT:     Dr. Jeb Teichman

                                    Former Chief Medical Officer

                                    UHC Community Plan of Kentucky

JEB: We knew Brent was sick that week. He called and talked to me after he had been sick for about four or five days. Classic influenza symptoms. That Saturday I talked to him, he was worse, and I sent him for care. I even, while Brent was there in the office, I talked with the physician that saw him. And he actually sound – Brent sounded better; the physicians had a good plan. And just a few hours later, Brent passed away.

Blue text centers a white background:

ONSCREEN TEXT:     Dr. Teichman is now a

                                    passionate vaccine advocate.

New text appears:

ONSCREEN TEXT:     He hopes sharing Brent’s story will

                                    save lives & prevent tragic losses like theirs.

Jeb interviews:

JEB: I live and breathe the mission of UnitedHealth Care, helping people live healthier lives. I did it for twenty-six years on a one-on-one basis, and now I get to do it for an entire membership. That’s my mission, that’s my passion.

Jeb and Grace stroll hand-in-hand through a green space, walking their dog, as Jeb’s voice narrates over.

JEB: I want to talk to the medical community, providers. I want to impress upon them how important it is to recognize influenza, or SARS-CoV-2. Take it seriously.

Sitting on the couch, Grace wipes a tear from her eye.

JEB: You need to protect yourself, and you protect your family as well.

Pink flowers adorn a vine that twists up a garden trellis. Jeb and Grace walk across a wide lawn toward a brick suburban house.

JEB: There’s a lot of people walking down the path that we’re walking down now and having to deal with an unspeakable loss. And it all could be prevented with a needle.

Jeb’s eyes glisten as he speaks from the couch. Then, him and Grace hug outside their house, and the screen fades to white.

Three blue lines swirl onto a white slide and form the blue u-shaped UnitedHealthcare logo. The logo is replaced with blue text:

ONSCREEN TEXT:           UnitedHealthcare

The screen fades to black and the music stops.