Transcript: Grant helps bring pop up vaccination clinic to WI seniors during the pandemic

Upbeat music plays as text slides in over a brick church with a towering green spire. 

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Cross Lutheran Church


A doctor slips on a plastic glove and flicks the end of a syringe. A bearded man in a face mask interviews.


MAN: My name Timothy Higgins. I’m 64 years old, and I’m here to get my pneumonia vaccine. I don’t have any health insurance at all. If it wasn’t for this clinic, coming in here today for my pneumonia shot, I wouldn’t get it.


Timothy sits in a chair, chatting with the doctor as he prepares the vaccine. Timothy sits in a church pew as text slides in.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Timothy Higgins



The doctor looks over a document as a masked woman wearing a white headscarf and a long black dress strolls through a doorway. A patient’s arm is disinfected and the doctor gestures to his clipboard as he sits with a young woman.

WOMAN: Through the UnitedHealthcare’s Empowering Health brand, The American Lung Association’s Wisconsin Chapter received $160,000 to fund immunization clinics in rural and urban areas of Wisconsin where immunization rates for adults are generally lower than 25%.


White text appears over a blue box as the woman speaks.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Dr. Nicole Brady

                                    UnitedHealthcare Chief Medical Officer // Michigan and Wisconsin Regions


A nurse hands a man a pen to fill out a form as his child colors beside him. A bald man sits in a chair in the immunization room. The doctor picks up some paperwork. Now, a blonde woman sits in the same chair, looking up at the doctor.

DOCTOR: Which arm would you prefer to do?


A man wearing a gray button-up shirt interviews as text appears

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Sean Fabry

                                    Bread of Healing Clinic, Operations Manager


SEAN: With the help of the UnitedHealthcare grant, we’ve been able to provide an unprecedented number of flu vaccines and pneumonia vaccines.

The doctor sticks a small, circular bandage on the blonde woman’s upper arm.

DOCTOR: There you go.


At the entrance, a masked nurse talks to an incoming patient. The nurse holds a digital forehead thermometer up to the woman, checking her temperature.

SEAN: It’s so important because, you know, we’ve got this spike in COVID-19. It’s a respiratory illness. We’ve got a flu season coming on and to have both of those threats attacking the community at the same time, we need to be able to provide vaccines to sort of reduce the likelihood that people suffer from the flu when they’re also at risk for COVID.


The doctor injects a vaccine into the woman’s arm and presses a bandage over the small wound. With his sleeve rolled up, Timothy sits in the chair as the doctor cleans his upper arm, preparing the injection site. Timothy sits back against a church pew as he interviews.

TIMOTHY: Gettin’ my flu shot last month and my pneumonia shot today has helped me be healthy and also to be healthy for the community too. ‘Cause I’m in contact with other people during the week. 


The doctor gives Timothy his pneumonia shot.

DOCTOR: There you go. Feel okay? Any dizziness or anything?


Timothy tugs down his sleeve. The doctor injects a vaccine in another patient’s arm and cleans off the father’s arm. A patient in decorative knit vest stares off as the doctor pulls a syringe away from their arm. He carefully applies a bandage over the injection site.

DR. BRADY: The UnitedHealthcare’s Empowering Health commitment really strives to expand access to care as well as to address the social determinants of health for the underserved and the uninsured individuals across our communities.


Other patients receive their vaccines.


TIMOTHY: Having high blood pressure and diabetes, it is important to stay healthy and get my med- vaccines issued. God bless this place.


The doctor leads Timothy out as a blue logo fades in over a white background.


ONSCREEN TEXT:           United