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Transcript: Tag, You’re It: How Close Is Too Close During Flu Season?

Black text appears on a light blue and white background. Upbeat music plays.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          How Far Can Your

                                    Cough Travel?

The words zoom towards the viewer.

An illustration of a woman in an orange shirt appears. She coughs.

The woman moves behind a table and is joined by three other illustrated people. She coughs again. A semicircle filled with particles appears around her and the others.

A green fog appears around the faces of the two others closest to her.

An illustrated face appears on the left side of the screen and coughs. Green particles come out of the mouth. Black text appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          When you cough, you

                                    release droplets that

                                    may carry the flu virus.

The face and text zoom off screen.

More text appears above a measuring scale.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Those tiny particles

                                    can travel up to

                                    6 feet

The words zoom towards the viewer.

The four illustrated people all reappear, along with shopping carts and baskets. A man in a yellow shirt coughs. A semicircle filled with particles appears around the two others closest to him, followed by a green fog around their faces.

The background fades to white and light blue as text appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Remember to cover

                                    your cough.

The text fades and a blue UnitedHealthcare logo appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealthcare

The screen fades to black.