Food Insecurity Transcript

AZ PKG Final Trucks

A palm tree is silhouetted in front of the sun. Somber piano music plays.

ON SCREEN TEXT:            Nogales, Arizona

The camera pans over a pile of watermelons.

ON SCREEN TEXT:            Arizona has one of the highest food

                                             insecurity rates in the United States...

A young girl stands in a group of people. She wears a bright green shirt and pink backpack.

ON SCREEN TEXT:            ...particularly for children.

A line of people stand in front of a brick building with bars over the windows.

ON SCREEN TEXT:            Almost 400,000 people in Arizona use the

                                             food bank network each month...

Close-up shot of a woman looking to the side as she stands in front of a brick wall.

ON SCREEN TEXT:            ...for help.

Close-up shot of a pile of cucumbers.

Tom McAlpin addresses someone off-camera while standing in front of the windows with bars on them. A man looks on from behind him.

TOM: This is not a wealthy community.

ON SCREEN TEXT:            Meet



Close-up shot shows a pile tomatoes beneath a red netting.

ON SCREEN TEXT:            Tom is retired and raising two

                                             grandchildren at home.

TOM: And they go through food like it's out of style.

Tom addresses someone off-camera.

TOM: It's been a help financially.

Close-up shot shows bunches of grapes in cardboard containers. A gloved hand reaches and grabs some grapes.

TOM: Well, the way food prices are going on in the stores, it would be pretty tough. We wouldn't be able to have as much variety as we have, especially with fresh vegetables and fresh fruit.

Tom addresses someone off-camera.

A close-up shot shows yellow onions.

ON SCREEN TEXT:            A need fulfilled...

The camera speeds down a highway in the desert, attached to the front of a vehicle. The vehicle's horn honks.

ON SCREEN TEXT:            ...with help from eighteen

                                             large wheels.

Upbeat inspirational music begins.

A large semi truck is seen driving down a highway from another vehicle passing on its left. The side of the truck displays a large picture of vegetables and the UnitedHealthcare logo.

ON SCREEN TEXT:            UnitedHealthcare

ON SCREEN TEXT:            Fresh veggies coming through.

                                             Bringing fresh, healthy food to Arizona food banks.

The truck turns right onto another road.

ON SCREEN TEXT:            UnitedHealthcare donated $500,000

                                             to Association of Arizona Food Banks.

A close-up shot shows the wheels of the truck as it backs up.

ON SCREEN TEXT:            Purchasing two new refrigerated trucks

                                             to deliver donated fresh fruit and vegetables.

DANA: Poverty is a terrible problem in this country, and so is, you know, health issues associated with poor nutrition.

Dana Yost stands inside a warehouse filled with boxes of food and addresses someone off-camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:            Dana Yost

                                             Dir. Of Sourcing at Community Food Bank of Southern AZ

DANA: Our clients don't get to shop in the produce aisles in grocery stores 'cause it's too expensive for them.

Tom and another man shake hands inside the warehouse, surrounded by crates of food. They greet each other in Spanish.

DANA: So, in many cases, we're the only source of fresh produce that these folks have.

TOM: Ooh.

A close-up shot shows several watermelons.

A close-up shot shows the prongs of a forklift slide beneath a wooden pallet and lift it from the ground.

A silhouetted shot of a man moving a stack of crates of food on pallets out of the warehouse is shown.

ON SCREEN TEXT:            40,000 lbs of fresh produce

                                             with each truckload.

A large photo of a girl eating a huge slice of watermelon is shown.

DANA: No one should have to make that food choice.

Dana is shown talking to someone off-camera.

DANA: We should all, as Americans, have the opportunity to have access to healthy food.

Tom drops a handful of apples into a paper bag and place the bag into a shopping cart.

TOM: Okay, that should do it.

MICHAEL: We're able to get more food faster before it goes bad into people's hands, and this is good, nutritional food.

Michael McDonald is shown speaking to someone off-camera in a large warehouse.

ON SCREEN TEXT:            Michael McDonald

                                             President & CEO at Community Food Bank of Southern AZ

A semi truck is shown driving down the highway.

ON SCREEN TEXT:            The trucks can now get fresh fruit

                                             and vegetables...

A close-up shot shows a pile of potatoes.

ON SCREEN TEXT:   communities across

                                             the state.

Angie Rodgers is shown in a warehouse in front of a stack of crates and pallets. She speaks to someone off-camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:            Angie Rodgers

                                             President & CEO at AAFB

ANGIE: The best thing about working with UnitedHealthcare is they recognize that food is medicine. And so it's not just a one-time shot, it's not an inoculation-- that we need support to be able to serve people 365 days a year.

A close-up shot shows the tires of a forklift backing up.

A wider shot shows the entire forklift reversing while carrying a stack of crates on wooden pallets. The forklift honks its horn.

The camera pans over several huge sacks of potatoes.

ON SCREEN TEXT:            Improving the health and well-being

                                             of thousands in Arizona.

Tom pushes a shopping cart filled with bags of food down an incline toward the camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:            Families like Tom's.

An extreme close-up shot shows a pile of yellow onions.

A man quickly moves a stack of crates and pallets using a machine.

A man driving a forklift reverses.

A close-up shot shows a pile of yellow squash in a cardboard box.

TOM: When you open up the refrigerator, you know, it's stacked with everything.

A plastic container holding four tomatoes is shown.

ON SCREEN TEXT:            Tomatoes raised right.



                                             A DEEPER SHADE OF DELICIOUS

                                             WASH ME. PLEASE DON'T REFRIGERATE

                                             IT'S TOO COLD IN THERE!

                                            4 TOMATOES

Tom stands and leans on his shopping cart outside.

TOM: It's a sense of security.

The semi truck honks its horn as it drives out of the parking lot.

TOM: We're grateful for that.

The screen fades to white as the blue UnitedHealthcare logo appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT:            UnitedHealthcare

The screen fades to black.