Transcript: Expanding internship opportunities for all individuals

A black woman walks through a large hallway. Text appears within a blue chyron while she interviews.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Blanche-Nicole
                                          Kissambou Tchimambou
                                          Bilingual Sales Support Representative

BLANCHE-NICOLE: My name is Blanche-Nicole Kissambou Tchimambou, I work for United Healthcare as a bilingual broker or agent special representative in the French team.

A long-haired white woman interviews. A blue chyron with text appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Tonya Barber
                                          Director of Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

TONYA: Blanche-Nicole, first impression was “Wow!” She had a lot of energy.

A bald Asian man interviews. Text appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Matt Luo
                                          Blanche-Nicole’s manager

MATT: She’s willing to engage with the teammates, willing to put in the work. And I think that’s one of the best uh- abilities for a teammate.

Matt and Balance-Nicole walk through a break room, laughing and chatting.

A blonde woman interviews, with an artpiece of the Eiffel Tower behind her. Text appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Andrea Eselunas
                                          Director of Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

ANDREA: She is someone that really brings life to your team. She’s really direct and candid, and funny. And just, culturally has so much to bring to our company with her perspective.

BLANCHE-NICOLE: Coming from Africa who did not know a lot about the country, and have a lot of barriers I had been diagnosed with post traumatic disorder and it was pretty bad at the time.

A photo of Blanche-Nicole in a green and yellow dress appears.

ANDREA: Our disability inclusion internship program started a few years ago as an opportunity for folks of all levels of experience but also all areas of disabilities to enjoy a twelve to fifteen week corporate work experience with the hope to possibly convert them into permanent positions here at United.

Blanche-Nicole works at her laptop. Then, she strolls by a pond through a park.

Blanche-Nicole and Tonya chat on a couch.

TONYA: Blanche-Nicole came to our team as an intern. We worked on processes and baby steps, little steps. And she learned quickly.

BLANCHE-NICOLE: Having to have this opportunity to work as a project coordinator in a such big company like United Healthcare was really fascinating.

Matt leads Blanche-Nicole past a row of lockers.

TONYA: You know we’re a large organization, so sometimes its hard to navigate where to find information or where to go if you’re interested in a full-time position as well as internship programs here.

Blanche-Nicole types on a laptop.

ANDREA: We felt the need to ensure that we had sort of an exclusive way to include this community of great talent. They are truly untapped.

BLANCHE-NICOLE: I speak French obviously, I can translate. I look at the required – um – the requirement for the position and I’m like “Yeah, I can do this.”

TONYA: She got the offer. It was so exciting because everything we do within our Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion office is about that, right? Those opportunities, giving people that help for the next step.

BLANCHE-NICOLE: What you’re doing, people see what you do, and they really take you from what you’re capable of doing versus just judging you because of your mental stage or stuff like that. You know there’s no such thing. But the fact that they have resources to have you brought in the company, that’s really helpful too. I really like helping people and helping people for me is like, yeah, it makes me feel happy. And I’m just so blessed to have this job.

Blanche-Nicole walks down a hallway, past a cafeteria.

A blue u-shaped logo appears against a white background, followed by text.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          United