Transcript: Helping young girls build confidence and healthier habits to last a lifetime

Pink signs with arrows on a sunny lawn read “Girls On The Run.” Women in leggings and running shoes walk past, following the arrows to a crowd up ahead. A blue banner appears in the bottom-left of the screen with white text: 

ONSCREEN TEXT:              Albert Whitted Park 
                                             St. Petersburg, Florida

A person in legwarmers and running shoes warms up with high-knees exercises, then a group of girls cross the lawn doing high kicks. Now, a girl with curly brown hair speaks from the lawn. A blue banner appears in the bottom-left of the screen with white text:

ONSCREEN TEXT:              Mia Wohlgamuth
                                             Girls on the Run participant

MIA WOHLGAMUTH: It’s a really big accomplishment, because before, I couldn't run a mile. Now I can run three miles. I’ve never been in a race before; like, any 5K race like this, that’s been organized and everything. I think it’s gonna feel amazing, and when I finish it. 

A girl in shorts and runners reaches to touch her toes. A person hangs silver medals on ribbons that read “Girls on the Run.” 

Now a woman with braids and a headband speaks before a banner that reads “The Finish Line.” A blue banner appears in the bottom-left of the screen with white text: 

ONSCREEN TEXT:              Quenita Oats
                                             Executive Director, Girls on the Run 
                                             Greater Tampa Bay

QUENITA OATS: We work primarily with third through eighth grade girls. We teach them how to deal with stressful situations, how to ask a grown-up for help, how to be a good friend, and things like that. And we use running as the vehicle to teach them these life skills that they can use now and throughout life.

Quenita wears a mask, holding a clipboard and a walkie-talkie. 

Now girls stand in a crowd near the finish line. They stretch. Then, in front of a pink rope across a stretch of pavement, the group begins to run. Adults on the sidelines cheer the runners on as a blue banner descends along the right-hand side of the screen with white text: 

ONSCREEN TEXT:              Girls on the Run received
                                             a UnitedHealthcare grants 
                                             to expands its youth 
                                             development program. 

                                            The money also 
                                             supports the 5k 
                                             graduation event. 

Quenita speaks with a beaming smile. 

QUENITA OATS: Honestly speaking, I…screamed at the top of my lungs. I was so excited to learn that we had actually been awarded the grant this year, and to know that we will be able to help so many girls. 

Participants’ feet race past in colorful running shoes and socks. Now, Mia speaks in the sun: 

MIA WOHLGAMUTH: Before Girls on the Run, I couldn’t really access my emotions as much. Now I can like, express my emotions more to other people.

A girl with short black hair dyed green and a swirl of face paint on her cheek speaks. A blue banner appears in the bottom-left of the screen with white text:

ONSCREEN TEXT:              Veronica Banak
                                             Girls on the Run participant

VERONICA BANAK: We support each other and when we encourage each other, I feel like the challenges just disappear. 

On the racetrack, a woman in a pink and purple tutu high-fives a participant in a matching tutu. At the finish line, a group of runners approaches as adults in pink vests and caps hold medals out, dancing and cheering. Mia speaks.

MIA WOHLGAMUTH: You get to see people that you see around school and you never think that they would be your friend, but they turn out to be your friend anyway. And they start encouraging you, and it’s amazing. And then they end up being your best friend.

Quenita holds a microphone and addresses the crowd.

QUENITA OATS: Way to go in there! 

Now she speaks on the lawn: 

QUENITA OATS: I think today is just a celebration of all the things that our girls have accomplished throughout our ten-week program, and to be able to do that together with their parents and their families cheering them on, it’s so, so special. 

An adult runs with Veronica to the finish line. Veronica dons a medal, then speaks: 

VERONICA BANAK: Finishing the race is a great accomplishment. Thank you for letting me join because I feel now I’m a part of the whole community. 

Now Mia and Veronica smile on a podium, wearing their medals with two adults smiling along with them. They all throw their arms in the air, clapping and cheering. 

MIA WOHLGAMUTH: It’s a great experience; it’s been amazing.

The view fades to a white background with the blue UnitedHealthcare logo. The logo transforms into blue text: 

ONSCREEN TEXT:              UnitedHealthcare 

 The view fades to black.