Transcript: 5 Tips for Choosing Your Health Plan

A woman in an orange jacket stands outside on a deck and addresses the camera.

WOMAN: Open enrollment season is here, and the options can sometimes feel overwhelming.

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WOMAN: A good first step toward understanding your options is know the lingo.

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WOMAN: What's a premium, deductible, or co-insurance?

Understanding those terms is important for making informed decisions. And if you want to decode it all, a website like is a great place to start.


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The woman in the orange jacket walks up and sits at the table near them.

WOMAN: Expecting a big change next year like a growing family or upcoming surgery? A good rule of thumb is to compare differences between plan designs and out-of-pocket limits to be as prepared as you can for what's around the corner.

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The woman in the orange jacket walks up behind a man exercising on the rowing machine.

WOMAN: If you are already taking steps towards better health, many health plans will reward you for the hard work, offering financial incentives for exercising, not smoking, even taking a health survey.

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The woman stands next to the man on the machine and addresses the camera.

WOMAN: Many Medicare Advantage plans even offer gym memberships at no additional cost.

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WOMAN: It's not always easy to make time for an in-office doctor's appointment.

The woman in the orange jacket stands next to the man by the countertop.

WOMAN: Consider a plan that offers 24/7 virtual visits.

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WOMAN: You can talk to a doctor about common health issues in real time right from your device in the comfort of your own home.

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WOMAN: Those with commercial insurance and those on Medicare may want to look into specialty benefits like dental, vision, and hearing insurance. You may be surprised to learn Medicare doesn't always cover those extras, but many Medicare Advantage plans do. So do your research before selecting a plan.

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