Transcript: Improving birth outcomes for at-risk moms by bringing whole-person health care into the home

Ambient music plays throughout.

From above, a car drives through a treed residential neighborhood. A blue box slides into the bottom left of the screen containing white text.

ONSCREEN TEXT:           Ft. Wayne, Indiana

An SUV is parked on the street in front of a suburban house. A woman, Irene Tillman, unloads items from the trunk and carries them to the front door.

IRENE: I’ve always wanted to be there for someone else. My name’s Irene Tillman, and I am a Family Case Manager for Healthier Moms and Babies.

A young woman, Skyy, opens the front door to greet Irene.

IRENE: How are you?

A photograph shows Skyy smiling in her living room. She holds her baby on her lap.

IRENE: When I got involved with Skyy, Skyy was already thirty-six weeks pregnant.

SKYY: Her name’s Milla. A happy baby. So, she smiles, she likes to play around.

Irene sits with Skyy in her living room. Milla sits with Irene, and Irene wraps a measuring tape around her head.

IRENE: Today we’ve got to measure your head!

IRENE: I’m here today doing a home visit and home visits are important and the importance of the relationship with Skyy.

Skyy chats with Irene in the living room as Irene narrates over the video.

SKYY: And I went to the doctor…

IRENE: She had a couple of things that made her a higher risk.

Now, Irene sits on a couch interviewing. A blue box containing white text slides into the bottom left corner of the screen.

ONSCREEN TEXT:           Irene Tillman

                                    Healthier Moms and Babies

                                    Family Case Manager

IRENE: She was a teen mom, she was still in high school.

Irene looks at Milla as she jots down notes in her file.

IRENE: Alright are you gonna get on the scale for me?

Skyy interviews. A blue box containing white text slides into the bottom left corner of the screen.

ONSCREEN TEXT:           Skyy Muhammad


SKYY: It just makes my day better to be honest. ‘Cause I just like her being around. She helps me, like, express my feelings more because I’m usually closed in and don’t tell nobody nothing, but with her, I actually tell her, like, a lot of stuff.

A woman sits before a wall of family photos interviews. A blue box containing white text slides into the bottom left corner of the screen.

ONSCREEN TEXT:           Jackie Martinez

                                    Healthier Moms and Babies

                                    Healthy Start Program Director

JACKIE: We care and provide them the support that they need because they don’t often have it. We are building relationships to build a stronger community, to really give our families the resources that they need so that our future generation is set up to be healthy.

The downtown skyline of Fort Wayne is shown. A blue box slides down vertically to cover half the screen, and white text appears within it.

ONSCREEN TEXT:           Indiana ranks among the

                                    highest in the U.S. for

                                    infant mortalit – 20%

                                    higher than the national


Now, a photo of Skyy, Milla, and Irene sitting on a front porch is shown. More text appears in the blue box.

ONSCREEN TEXT:           Healthier Moms and

                                    Babies received a

                                    $180,000 grant from


                                    The funding supports

                                    the prenatal home

                                    visitation program.

Jackie interviews.

JACKIE: Transportation seems to be a big gap and barrier for us. And so going into these homes, you really fill in that gap by not having them need to come to you, or to the office, or to wherever you’re at, and really getting a glimpse into the homes, and into the situation, into the needs of what they might need.

Irene jots notes in her file as Skyy holds Milla on another couch.

IRENE: So, you’ve got the daycare taken care of…

Skyy interviews.

SKYY: She’s just a positive person to be around. It just makes me happy in general. And it feels like I just have someone that I can just talk to.

Milla sleeps soundly on her side, snoring cutely. Irene interviews.

IRENE: If we don’t make a difference in someone else’s life, somehow it might just impact your immediate family. A problem for someone else is not just their problem. It’s the community problem because that individual, if they don’t get the necessary help, it can become a problem for everyone.

Skyy interviews.

SKYY: I’ll say, I appreciate you and I’m thankful for everything that you did. And that, I basically see her as family now.

Irene interviews.

IRENE: Proud of Skyy, is an understatement. She advocates well for herself, she advocates well for the baby, she speaks up, and she has excelled past what I was expecting.

A blue u-shaped logo appears against a white background, followed by text.

ONSCREEN TEXT:           United


The music fades.