Transcript: How to Help Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

[:00 - :03 Camera looks straight down on formal dining table setting with vintage holiday table cloth, empty white plate, fork, knife, spoon, salt & pepper shakers]

[Text on screen] “The Calorie Count of Holiday Helpings”

[:04 - :07 Second plate slides in. 2 empty white plates split screen]

[Text appears over left plate] “850 calorie meal”

[Text appears over right plate] “3,000 calorie meal”

[:07 Calorie counter appears top of split screen and will run like a stop watch as plate fills up for a traditional holiday meal]

[:08 Woman’s hand serves one piece of turkey on each plate.]

[:11 Calorie counter pauses] “120 – 120 calories”

[:14 Second piece of turkey is added to right plate, counter increases] “240 calories”

[:16 Server adds stuffing to each plate]

[:19 Calorie counters pauses] “267 - 461 calories”

[:20 Dinner roll added to right plate, while left side signals to skips the bread. Calorie counter increases on right side] “267 - 570 calories”

[:23 Butter added to roll on the right]

[:25 Add serving of green bean casserole]

[:28 Calorie counter scrolls to pause after adding side dish’ “367 – 805 calories”

[:31 - :39 Cranberry mold. Small portion added to left plate. Larger helping right side, calorie counter pauses] “477 - 1025 calories”

[:40 - :44 Mashed potatoes scooped onto plates, calorie counter pauses] “647 – 1365 calories”

[:46 Video cuts to slice of pumpkin pie, 2 pieces on right, one piece on left] “777 – 1885 calories”

[:51 Whipped cream added to both pieces of pumpkin pie on right side, none is added to left side slice]

[:52 Calorie counter pauses after dessert] “777 – 1935 calories”

[:55 Server pours gravy over turkey & potatoes, sparingly on left side, but generously over right side with larger portions]

[1:05 Calorie counter pauses] “850 – 3000 calories’

[1:08 - 1:11 Logo fades in over white screen] “United Healthcare”