Transcript: Improving the physical and mental wellness of Texas youth

Upbeat music plays. Children wearing UnitedHealthcare t-shirts jump and cheer in a sports field.


ONSCREEN TEXT:     Houston, Texas

A group of kids laugh together. A man in a football jersey watches some kids drawing on a poster at a table. Now a woman with brown hair and glasses, Deb Farley, interviews on the field.


DEB: Many people think about UnitedHealthcare as being an insurance company.

ONSCREEN TEXT:     Deb Farley

                                    Vice President, UnitedHealthcare of Texas

DEB: We like to identify ourselves as a healthcare company.

A balloon emblazoned with the UnitedHealthcare logo floats in the air. A long-haired child draws a picture of a heart. A girl dashes over a series of speed training hurtles.


DEB: Empowering health grants allows us to provide financial resources to important organizations in our community.

A volunteer with a nametag that reads “Shannon” helps a kid select a packed lunch from a box.


SHANNON: This one? Alright!

Text appears beside a group of kids smiling together, a boy catching a football, two men and two kids smiling at the poster table, and a group of kids eating lunch together.


ONSCREEN TEXT:     UnitedHealthcare awarded

                                    $2.5 million in grants to

                                    10 nonprofits in Texas,

                                    focused, in part, on

                                    improving kids’ well-being.

More text appears beside two kids hopping along rope ladders laid on the ground in a training course while other kids wait their turn, a boy jumping to catch a football in the air, and Shannon speaking with some kids at her station.


ONSCREEN TEXT:     To celebrate, grant

                                    partners hosted a

                                    youth wellness clinic

                                    promoting fitness,

                                    nutrition and mental


A volunteer counts down for a group of kids waiting in a line.


VOLUNTEER: One, two, three!

The kids through their hands up and cheer. Now a man in a grey suit stands at a podium set up beside the field and reads a speech to a group.


ONSCREEN TEXT:     Kenny Baldwin

                                    President and Founder, SpringSpirit

KENNY: Three stations, for our Empowering Health Grant partners. They include a fitness station led by the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation…

A kid at the fitness station shuffles sideways and catches a football.


KENNY: Nutrition station led by the Houston Food Bank and Brighter Bites.

Kids gather around the nutrition station table. A variety of toy foods are laid out on the table, and an educator holds up a plate split into four nutritional categories.


EDUCATOR: What foods are grains? Yes.

KENNY: Finally, a mental wellness station led by NAMI.

A woman in a floral cardigan interviews.


ONSCREEN TEXT:     Stephanie Berno

                                    Director of Outreach Services, Houston Food Bank

STEPHANIE: Educating kids in middle and high school, and even younger, is so important because it does impact their nutrition and health for their rest of their lives.

Shannon helps a kid with a bag of popcorn surveying the packaged lunches at the lunch station. A cluster of blue and white balloons sit beside a UnitedHealthcare banner that reads, “Healthier starts here.”


STEPHANIE: Very proud that UnitedHealthcare chose to support the Houston Food Bank.

Popcorn bounces out of a pot in a popcorn machine. Kids wait in line for bags of popcorn.


STEPHANIE: With this funding we have had opportunities from UnitedHealthcare in the past, and its been a great relationship. And we are so excited to be able to expand our programming with nutrition and healthy eating for middle and high school students in the Houston area.

A group of kids study the spread of toy foods laid out on the nutrition station. Deb interviews.


DEB: These organizations are very important to promoting nutrition, behavioral health resources, transportation, and technology.

Three girls smile and hug as they walk. A group of kids draw pictures in crayon at a table.


DEB: It really does fill the souls of our employees.

One of the drawings shows a girl with her grandparents. A group of kids and volunteers smile and wave at the camera while holding up their hand-drawn posters.


DEB: Makes us feel good about the things that we do in our communities.

The stacked blue U’s of the UnitedHealthcare logo appear, followed by text.