Hurricane Florence Transcript

[Video Run Time -: 30]

[:00 - :04] Camera follows woman as she walks up to Mobile Health Clinic in a parking lot. Video shot in Wilmington, North Carolina, after Hurricane Florence devastated residents of the area.

[:01 piano music plays under video]

[:02 - :07 Anita Bachmann/CEO Community Plan North Carolina United Healthcare] “Every single individual is important to us. And so our approach is to come in and help support the community.”

[:04- :07] Text appears on screen: Anita Bachmann/CEO, Community Plan North Carolina United Healthcare]

[:07] Slow motion video of elderly women walking up to mobile health unit, while another woman stands outside her mini-van with back hatch open.

[:11] Video cuts to UnitedHealthcare employees talking to displaced residents, offering support, information and providing basic medical assistance.

[:14] Video cuts to nurse checking vital signs under tent canopy set up outside mobile health unit. One nurse takes blood pressure of female hurricane victim.  Another nurse takes notes, fills out medical record on clipboard.

[:09 - :20] Anita Bachmann/CEO Community Plan North Carolina United Healthcare] “It doesn’t matter where you live. It doesn’t matter your income level. It doesn’t matter what health care coverage you have. We are here to help serve each and every person who has a need. And really serve the needs of the entire community.”

[:21 - :26] Screen dips to black while piano music lifts. Text appears on screen:  “As the impact from Hurricane Florence continues, we support those affected through donations and volunteers on the ground.”

[:26] Logo animates over white background as piano music continues: “UnitedHealth Group”

[:30] Logo freezes.