Transcript: Hurricane Health Needs: How to Prepare for a Dangerous Storm

A still image overhead view of a white hurricane cloud over the ocean. Blue text appears on a white bar below.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Hurricane season is underway.

Emergency equipment, including a flashlight, batteries, radio, and first aid kit, sits on a tabletop.

And ON SCREEN TEXT:   Many people know

                                    the drill when it comes to

                                    stocking up on storm supplies ...

A man drills a large board over an external window.

ON SCREEN TEXT:   but preparing for health

                                    needs is often overlooked.

Palm trees blow in the wind.

ON SCREEN TEXT:   Here are some tips to help

                                    you plan ahead before a storm hits.

A green wallet holds a colorful array of plastic cards.

ON SCREEN TEXT:   1. Locate insurance cards and

                                    put them in a safe, accessible place.

Orange prescription bottles line the screen, spilling colorful pills.

ON SCREEN TEXT:   2. Refill medications and medical

                                    supplies so you have at least

                                    a seven-day supply.

A red case bearing a white cross with a stethoscope wrapped around the handle.

ON SCREEN TEXT:   3. Make sure you have a

                                    first aid kit with instructions.

A hand holds a smart phone.

ON SCREEN TEXT:   4. Check ahead of time with local

                                    officials to register for emergency

                                    transportation assistance for anyone

                                    with special health care needs.

A colorful radar image of a hurricane from above.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Stay safe this hurricane season!

The image fades to reveal the blue UnitedHealthcare logo against a white background.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealthcare®