Hurricane Michael Transcript

Somber music plays. Multiple shots show a devastated street with houses collapsed into their foundations. An oak tree lies on the remains of a house. Cari Fife, a survivor, speaks on the street. A graphic IDs her at the lower left.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             Cari Fife

                                              Hurricane Survivor                                              

CARI: There was a giant oak tree crushing the house. Crushing the house, crushing the car, and you could tell that somebody had been in there.

Another view of fallen trees and telephone poles. Wanda Brannon speaks to the camera from a hospital bed. Her name displays in a graphic at lower left.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             Wanda Brannon

                                              Hurricane Survivor                                             

WANDA: And I said to him, "Lord, please don't let me die. I don't want to die."

Another montage features twisted trees and crushed roofs as Wanda continues speaking.

WANDA: Nobody found me that night, and the next day, firemen was coming around in the back of the yards and looking with lights and stuff and said, "Is anybody in there?"

The screen fades to black, and white text appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             Hurricane Michael made landfall in Florida,

                                              on Oct. 10 with 155 mph winds.                                             

Metal side from a mobile home lies in a pile on top of a car and the remains of a home. Carol Armstrong speaks from a hospital bed and a lower left graphic IDs her.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             Carol Armstrong

                                              Hurricane Survivor                                               

CAROL: Three tornadoes come through... one right after the other.

Cari speaks in voiceover as we see two large trees snapped in half between two houses, and another home with its roofing blown off.

CARI: It looks like a bomb went off. It looks like a movie, you know? It doesn't seem real at all.

The screen fades to black, and white text appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             Thousands were left without

                                              power, food, water, shelter and medical care.                             

Volunteers open a portable plastic table and set blue tote bags of supplies on it. Someone tears open a bag of water bottles. Another volunteer unloads folding chairs from a truck. Jimmie Keenan speaks in voiceover.

JIMMIE: If we can take care of them here, then that means that the patients that really need to go to the emergency room and to the hospital go.

Jimmie finishes speaking in front of the Mobile Health Clinic truck. Her name displays in a graphic at lower left.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             Jimmie Keenan

                                              Sr. Vice President, Enterprise Clinic Operations at WellMed                                     

Fade to black. White text appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             UnitedHealth Group mobilized a

                                              free medical clinic volunteering

                                              to help 225 patients in Panama City, FL.                                             

Shannon Seay, in nurse's scrubs, speaks in front of the mobile health clinic. Her name appears at lower left.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             Shannon Seay


SHANNON: Coming in, we didn't know what to expect. We didn't know how bad it was gonna be...

Paramedics attend to various patients outside the mobile clinic, bandaging them and taking their blood pressure, as Shannon continues speaking in voiceover.

SHANNON: ...didn't know when the last time any of the patients had been seen by a doctor or anything.

An elderly man, seated outside the mobile clinic with his walker, speaks to the camera. Paramedics attend to patients in the background.

MAN: When I came up here, you know, I said what the problem was. Right away, she started helping me. You know, that's what it's all about.

Dr. Rodriguez-Rodriguez speaks as volunteers and paramedics set up supplies on a table behind him. A graphic, lower left, IDs him.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             Dr. Juan Rodriguez-Rodriguez


JUAN: Listening and seeing that there's not only need here in the mobile; there are also a lot of needs in the shelter...

As he continues speaking in voiceover, we see him walking outside the hospital, then speaking to patients in the emergency beds.

JUAN: ...and we've got the extra step to go there and say, "Hey, how we can help? What else we can do for you guys?"

Mark Ellison speaks in the hospital. His name displays at lower left.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             Mark Ellison

                                              Hurricane Survivor                                            

MARK: Mentioned it to the nurse that I'd like to have somebody look at this and possibly get rid of these staples.

Dr. Rodriguez-Rodriguez examines Mark's amputated leg in the hospital and bandages it with the help of a nurse.

SHANNON: His doctor's appointment was actually-- to get the staples removed--was the Wednesday that the hurricane hit.

Mark continues speaking.

MARK: She had everything hooked up within a couple hours.

Dr. Rodriguez-Rodriguez takes another patient's pulse. Carol speaks from her hospital bed.

CAROL: They have done so much for us. They've went out of their way.

Jimmie Keenan speaks in front of the mobile clinic.

JIMMIE: It's taking care of one-- one patient at a time,

A series of scenes features patients being interviewed and treated in the emergency beds inside the hospital, as well as in the street outside the mobile clinic. Jimmie continues in voiceover.

JIMMIE: And we take care of patients-- we're taking care of them, especially in a disaster, at their most vulnerable, and to be able to-- to show that through the lens of compassion and relationships, that really says what we are at UnitedHealth Group.

The scene fades to white and the orange-and-blue UnitedHealth Group logo slides onscreen.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             UnitedHealth Group®