Transcript: INROADS

A bird's-eye view of a tall building gleaming in an leafy office park.

JADA: I've been loving every day. I'm excited to come to work.

Jada Daniel speaks to the camera outside the building. Her name and title display in the lower right.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             Jada Daniel

                                                INROADS Intern


JADA: I really connected with the company culture as well as the mission and vision.

A group of INROADS interns sit at an outdoor table, laughing together.

WOMAN: What is that?

ERIC:  It's a family.

Eric Walker speaks outside the building, his name and title displayed at lower left.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             Eric Walker

                                                INROADS Intern


ERIC: Every day, I get the opportunity to come to work, learn something new, and come back the next day and apply it.

White text displays over a heavily blurred picture of the group at the table.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             This is the INROADS internship experience at UnitedHealth Group.

Jada continues speaking. The scene dissolves to a shot of her addressing a group in a conference group.

JADA: I am Jada Daniel, and I am studying at the University of Minnesota for Strategic Communication with a minor in Management.

Eric continues speaking.

ERIC: My name's Eric Walker. I attend the University of Minnesota.

White text appears on the blurred backdrop.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             INROADS is a non-profit group that

                                                helps employers find interns with

                                                diverse backgrounds.


A man speaks to the camera in a lobby inside the INROADS building.

MAN: I think INROADS is incredibly valuable for our business and helping us build a very, very strong pipeline.

As he continues in voiceover, we see Eric addressing an unseen person outside, and the group talking and laughing at the table with more tables visible in the background.

MAN: It's important that our workforce reflects the people that we serve. One of the things I think is really unique about UnitedHealth Group is you have so many different options for career paths.

He speaks to the camera.

MAN: You can have many different careers without ever having to leave the company.

Jada speaks outside.

JADA: So I'm seeing how to realistically apply my Strategic Communications degree. I definitely make connections that I feel like will...

A photograph shows three interns posing in front of a large white mural, that features a collage of blue words such as "care," "health," and "consumers."

JADA: ...benefit me in the future.

Eric continues his interview outside.

ERIC: The company does a great job of not only expecting a lot out of its interns, but teaching them as well.

Kayla Payeur, seated at a conference table, talks to two interns preparing to give a presentation. Her name and title display at lower right.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             Kayla Payeur

                                                Human Capital Consultant



KAYLA: We are not going to interrupt your presentation to give immediate feedback. So just keep going, start over, take a breath.

Jada speaks outside.

JADA: It's not even just about the job. It's everything that is surrounding it.

As she continues in voiceover, a group of interns poses for a photograph in a lobby.

JADA: It's the people. And you can do so much more than what you're asked to do if you take the initiative to do so.

Eric speaks outside.

ERIC: Well, for our final presentation, we were tasked to address the question "What barriers will the healthcare industry face between now and the year 2025?"

An intern gives a presentation to his colleagues in a large conference room.

MAN: When we got this question, we were like, "Whoa, well, where should we start?" [laughter] So when we began doing our research, we went into this question through five different ways.

Interns and company leaders mingle and shake hands after the presentation has concluded. The male INROADS employee continues speaking in the lobby.

MAN: I'm passionate when I think about seeing more people that look like me, more people of color, more people from diverse communities, different communities. I'm passionate that that makes us better. I don't know that we can be the best healthcare company that we want to be if we don't have a diverse team.

Eric continues speaking.

ERIC: And I got a job offer, yes, and I do plan to accept.

A photograph of Eric, in a U of M sweatshirt, holding a blue sign reading "Future Everyday Life Changer." In a conference room, he talks on the phone.

ERIC: I'm just calling to tell you that I will be accepting the offer.

His colleagues, seated at the tables, smile and applaud.

KAYLA: Good job.

Eric speaks outside.

ERIC: I couldn't imagine the summer going any better for me. This internship experience has simply been the best that I've ever had.

The scene dissolves to white, and the blue UnitedHealthcare appears in the center. Fade to black.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             UnitedHealthcare®