Just In Reach Transcript

Jenny Ismert –
Part of what it is that we really want to do is, not to say that we're not in a place to solve this. I
think for UnitedHealthcare it is really a demonstration of how important it is for us to partner with communities that are doing this work already. And to scope out those that have proven interventions and really to partner and invest with them and help to prop up the amazing work that they're already doing. I think that, particular for the Just In Reach program and the partners that are doing this work, I think it's just a tremendous example of how it is that we elevate the work that they're doing. And to
some extent, encourage other organizations, like UnitedHealthcare, to start to make investments like these that really start to impact social issues that our country is wrestling with in many, many communities.

Andrea Illoulian –
Private investors make an upfront investment in our program, and come to a great upon terms
with the payee, in this case it’s LA County and the Hilton Foundation and United Healthcare
are the private investors in the deal. Then we agree upon terms with the county, about what
success looks, the number of individuals who retain housing and the number of individuals,
who don't return to jail. When those successes… We’re very optimistic … When those
success metrics are met, the county will repay the investors with a small interest and hopefully
continue the program. That's really the goal of the effort.

Andrea Illoulian –
The real return on investment here isn't necessarily then just getting the money back.
It's the fact that the county will see that, continue to see and believe that housing, is a
form of health care and that housing will end homelessness, for these individuals and will
also improve their health, and also prevent them from continuing to cycle through the
criminal justice system, and that that alone is reason to continue to invest in the project.

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