Transcript: What is a level-funded health plan? 4 ways it may help contain costs

Upbeat jazz music plays as a blue u-shaped logo appears against a white background. The logo unravels

into a ribbon and swipes across the screen, revealing text.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Let’s talk level funding

A man in a suit sits in an office. A white banner appears at the bottom left with blue text.

ON SCREEN TEXT: James Guemple

Regional VP, UnitedHealthcare

JAMES: A level funded product looks and feels just like a fully insured product, with an upside. And the

upside being the opportunity for surplus.

A white background swipes over the screen with text.

ON SCREEN TEXT: UnitedHealthcare Level Funded

The text fades and more words take their place as James speaks.

ON SCREEN TEXT: A great strategy for controlling costs

JAMES: The UHC level funded product is a great strategy for controlling costs.

Back in the office with James.

JAMES: The portfolio of plan designs and network strategy allow employers and brokers to select the

right employee benefit strategy and help employers maximize their healthcare spend.

A blue background folds over the screen with white text.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Transitioning

to level funding

White swipes over the screen and text fades in.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Client example:

70-80 employees

Looking to control costs

Saved with level funding

Orange checkmarks appear beside each listed item. Back in the office, James continues speaking.

JAMES: And in the first year, they did receive a surplus and they got excited about that.

On a blue background, four dots, three yellow and the second orange, appear with a white zig-zag line

connecting them, like a graph. Below the white line, the chart is sky blue. The dots move up and down

before settling in almost a straight line. The first dot is lowest, the second and only orange dot is second

highest, the third dot is slightly lower, and the fourth dot is the highest on the chart. Three yellow lines

radiate out from the orange dot to highlight it. Our view returns to the office.

JAMES: They also catered their plan design and their network strategy to the claims data and the

utilization data that they now received that they didn’t receive with their fully insured incumbent.

In a bright home, three people sit at a dining room table with a laptop and some snacks, looking over

papers. A man in a maroon suit and glasses explains the papers to a more casually dressed man and


JAMES: They were able to control their cost for an extended period of time.

White text appears on a blue background.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Managing risk with level funding

James sits in the office.

JAMES: The right level funding product mitigates the risk associated with the more traditional and more

well-known self-funded products.

Two businesspeople sit talking in a bright office. The woman in beige gestures with a hand, and the man

in blue replies with both hands gesturing.

JAMES: The UHC level funded product is going to include two different types of stop loss protections.

Back with James, a blue block appears to the right with white text.

ON SCREEN TEXT: 1. Individual

stop loss

2. Aggregate

stop loss

JAMES: The first is the individual stop loss. Individual stop loss is designed to protect the level funded

plan from large claims. The second stop loss is the aggregate stop loss. The aggregate stop loss is

designed to protect the level funded plan from high claims utilization.

White text appears on a blue background.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Eyeing opportunity

for surplus refund

The view returns to James’ office.

JAMES: The most popular reason that an employer considers a level funding plan is the opportunity for a

surplus return at the end of the plan year.

A white background takes over the screen and blue text appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Claims are lower

than the maximum

claims liability

JAMES: In a best-case scenario, claims are lower than the maximum claims liability. When this happens,

the employer receives a surplus return at the end of the plan year.

The text disappears upward, and a gold coin takes its place. The coin rotates, then lowers halfway into a

wallet graphic. Three lines appear from the coin to highlight it, then the wallet and coin lower out of

sight and more text appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT: At the end of the plan year

The background changes to blue with white text.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Using data to manage costs

James sits in the office.

JAMES: Not only does the UHC level funding reporting package allow for an employer and a broker to

make more strategic decisions.

In an open office, a woman with braided hair sits at a desk while talking at a monitor.

In a glass-walled conference room, a short-haired woman sits alone, typing at a laptop. She checks her


Two men wearing ties sit at a restaurant table looking at a computer tablet.

JAMES: It’s actually gonna give the employer a little more control over their healthcare plan.

With James.

JAMES: Some great examples of that is you’ll be able to tell how often are they actually going to urgent

care versus the ER, right? Are they seeing the right in-network physicians?

On a blue background, a white direction pole rises, and two sky blue signs extend out from it. The higher

sign points right with a speech bubble containing an orange cross. The slightly lower sign points left with

a stethoscope. A third sign under the highest sign also points right and has “ER” on it. The pole grows

smaller and moves left as white text appears on the right side.




A white background wipes the screen blank, and text appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT: UnitedHealthcare Level Funded

The text fades and more takes its place.

ON SCREEN TEXT: A more widely talked about product

JAMES: Level funding is definitely becoming a more widely talked about product.

Back in the office.

JAMES: We do see brokers requesting a level funding solution more often and more frequently than

they were a couple years ago, but there’s still a huge opportunity to educate both brokers and


Text appears on a white background.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Talk to your broker, consultant or

UnitedHealthcare representative

to learn more

The text fades and the blue ribbon returns to form the u-shaped logo in the center of the white

background. Small text appears along the bottom of the screen.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Administrative services provided by United HealthCare Services, Inc. or their

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As the final note of jazz music plays, the u-shaped logo fades into text.