Transcript: How Mary’s Center provides a compassionate approach to care

Nine people stand outside behind a red ribbon with scissors in their hands. They cut the ribbon and raise their scissors up as a crowd cheers.

A man, Tollie Elliott, speaks as a close-up shows a nurse injecting someone with a vaccine.

TOLLIE: The most important thing about today is getting shots in arms.

Tollie stands outside, speaking at a podium. A blue bar appears at the bottom left of the screen, containing text:

ONSCREEN TEXT:           Tollie Elliott, M.D.

                                    Chief Medical Officer

                                    Mary’s Center

TOLLIE: And the way we get that to happen is when we have partners such as United Healthcare, which has generously given us the opportunity to have this portable pod here. So, we like to thank UnitedHealthcare for their participation in that.

A white-steel pod, approximately twenty feet long and eight feed wide, sits along the curb across the street from the Mary’s Center. The pod is labelled ‘COVID-19 Vaccination Center,’ and contains four rooms with four separate doors. The UnitedHealthcare logo, and the Mary’s Center logo appears on each door. Room 1 has a wheelchair accessible ramp.

The entrance to Mary’s Center is shown. Then, a woman in a red blazer sits in a chair interviewing.

ONSCREEN TEXT:           Erin Henderson Moore

                                    Executive Director, Dual Special Needs Plans

                                    UnitedHealthcare, Washington, D.C. & Maryland

ERIN: UnitedHealthcare is highly focused on working with community-based partners. So, we have partnerships with FQHCs, like Mary’s Center, but also partnerships with grocery stores, and underserved communities, and transportation companies, and small diverse businesses. Bringing together these diverse partners, we're able to meet people's whole person, whole care needs.

The COVID-19 Vaccination pod is shown again. Then, a woman in a black blouse sits in a chair interviewing.

 ONSCREEN TEXT:          Leah Shoval

                                    Director, Care Coordination

                                    Mary’s Center

LEAH: Having the partnership with UnitedHealthcare is very important, in that we can together really try to understand what it is that the community is looking for – where the care gaps exist.

Erin interviews:

ERIN: they serve the people daily, and so really saying, “Okay, how can we support you? How can we support the work that you're already doing and enable that?” And then bringing a team behind that.

A nurse in a surgical mask opens the door to Room 4 on the pod and waves a woman in a yellow t-shirt across the street. The woman, also wearing a mask, steps into the room. Inside, she sits on a folding chair as the nurse looks up something on a laptop.

A woman in a blue sweater interviews:


                                    Chief Development Officer

                                    Mary’s Center

HEATHER: We cannot do this work alone. There's so much need in the community, and it's been really important to us to be able to count on UnitedHealthcare to be there for us, and provide the support that they have provided in all the ways, including financial, but also as in-kind donations.

As Heather continues to speak, the front entrance to Mary’s Center is shown. Then, inside, the patient registration kiosk and wait room. A nurse leads a patient down a hallway and into a room labelled ‘Adult Vitals.’ The patient sits down as the nurse prepares the sphygmomanometer to check her blood pressure.

HEATHER: They asked if we needed hand sanitizer. Did we need masks? They donated thousands of masks to Mary’s Center. They provided floor decals for physical distancing purposes.

In the pod, the nurse counts down as she prepares to give the woman in the yellow t-shirt her vaccination:

NURSE: Uno, dos, tres.

After ‘tres,’ she injects the needle into the patient’s right arm and plunges the syringe. Then, viewed from outside, the door to Room 4 opens, and the patient exits.

A man in a dark blazer sits in a chair and interviews.

ONSCREEN TEXT:           Daniel Wilson

                                    Director, Engagement & Advocacy

                                    UnitedHealthcare Community & State

DANIEL: UnitedHealthcare providing resources, providing funding, providing subject matter, expertise, really speaks to how we come into a community and really try to invest ourselves as a member of the community.

Applause is heard as the line of people, including Heather and Daniel, cut the red ribbon in front of the Covid-19 Vaccination pod.

Erin Interviews:

ERIN: We are excited to see where United Healthcare, Mary’s Center, and our other community-based partners go next. We will continue to look at ways to bring together partners to continue to make an impact.

A brief jingle plays on a keyboard as a blue u-shaped logo appears against a white background, followed by text.


ONSCREEN TEXT:        United


The music fades.