Transcript: Medicare Moment: Learning the basics of Medicare Supplement plans

Blue text appears on a white background, with the blue United HealthCare logo in the top left corner: a stylized letter U with overlapping layers.

ONSCREEN TEXT:        Medicare Moment
                                    with Phil Moeller – author, journalist and Medicare and retirement expert

The title and logo wipe away and are replaced with a new slide. A blue title in italics appears on a white background.

ONSCREEN TEXT:        Medicare Supplement Basics

The slide vanishes and is replaced with a light grey background. A man speaks in a pale blue dress shirt and grey suit jacket with thin stripes.  Moeller is bald and wears glasses, with a microphone clipped to his shirt collar. As he speaks from the center of the screen, highlights from his speech appear in blue against a white band at the very bottom of the screen.

Phil Moeller: Private Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans, also called Medigap, can be paired with Original Medicare to protect people from large out-of-pocket bills not fully covered under Parts A and B of Medicare.

ONSCREEN TEXT:        Protect from large out-of-pocket bills

Phil Moeller: Like Original Medicare, Medigap works with any health provider in the country who accepts Medicare. Medigap plans do not include prescription drug coverage however, so many people also get a part D drug plan from a private insurer.

The camera angle shifts and Moeller appears in the right half of the screen.

ONSCREEN TEXT:        Guaranteed coverage

Phil Moeller: You are guaranteed coverage if you buy the plan when you first enroll in Medicare. This right ends later, and you then could face underwriting restrictions in obtaining coverage.

The angle returns to Moeller in the center of the screen.

ONSCREEN TEXT:        Defined by letters

Phil Moeller: Medigap plans are identified by letters. Each covers different amounts of the care and services Original Medicare does not fully cover. More comprehensive plans cost more. All identical letter plans such as letter A, B and so forth, must cover the same things. But insurers can charge different premiums.

ONSCREEN TEXT:        Shop carefully

Phil Moeller: So shop carefully before you buy. Once you have a Medigap Plan, you can keep it the rest of your life with guaranteed annual renewals.

The man’s image vanishes and a white background emerges, with the blue UnitedHealthcare logo in the center, which is then replaced by blue text.

ONSCREEN TEXT:        United