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Transcript: How Medical Expenses Could Help You Save Money During Tax Season

[Video Run Time - :13]

[:01 - :03 White background, Text appears on left hand side of the screen]

[:01 Text] "Health Care Expenses"

[:02 Text appears on right hand side of the screen]

[:02 Text] “Tax Refund?”

[:03 - :05  Iconography appears. Piggy bank with dollar signs floating into the bank from the top of the screen]

[Text fades on screen]

[:05 - :13 Iconography appears on screen: 1. Car  2. Prescription bottle  3. Tooth and eye chart  4. Apple with a piggy bank in the middle with dollar signs floating from the top of the screen]

[Text appears above each icon]

[Text 1] “Travel”

[Text 2] “Prescriptions”

[Text 3] “Dental & Vision”

[Text 4] “HSA”