Transcript: Health Care Costs in Retirement: Can You Separate Fact from Fiction?

[Video Run Time - :29]

[:00 White background, light bulb icon]

[:01 Text appears on screen] “Fact or Fiction?”

[:04 Text dissolves on screen, clipboard icon in right lower corner of screen + UnitedHealthcare logo far bottom right screen] “When comparing Medicare plans, it’s best to choose the lowest-premium option to help minimize your costs.”

[:10 Added text] “Fact or fiction?”

[:13 Text with dollar bill icon in bottom left corner] “There isn’t much you can do to contain or manage health care costs. It’s mostly up to chance or luck.”

[:19 Added text] “Fact or fiction?”

[:23 Text] “Can you separate fact from fiction when it comes to health care costs in retirement?”

[:26 Added Text] “Click the headline below to test your knowledge.”