Transcript: Meet the 2020 Everyday Lifechangers: Eddie

A well-dressed man stands with his hands folded on his chest. He wears a gold ring on his right ring finger. A bright fill light illuminates his profile from the right, along with the flickering of a camera.

Eddie, the well-dressed man, now stands in full view, in front of a long white screen that drapes down from the ceiling. Around the corner, a brown cowboy hat rests on a blue stool.

EDDIE: Well, my name is Eddie Martinez, and I'm a case manager-social worker for UnitedHealthcare Solutions for Caregivers program.

Eddie smiles as the flickering of the camera continues to illuminate the room.

Eddie speaks while sitting on a beige couch. He now wears glasses and a casual cream sweater.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Eddie Martinez

                                    Every Day Life Changer

EDDIE: Well, my role is to help relieve the stress of the caregiver, so that person who is struggling and needing supports and resources to continue to care for their loved ones at home. I'm always excited and waiting for the magic of the day to happen.

Back at the photo shoot, a blonde-haired woman places the brown cowboy hat on Eddie's head. The two smile at each other as she walks away.

Eddie poses for more photos. In the corner, the arm of the photographer can be seen adjusting the professional camera, which is propped up to meet Eddie at eye level.

EDDIE: I wake everyone up in the morning and say, "We're gonna have a magical Monday, a terrific Tuesday."

As an assistant looks on, the photographer's computer monitor displays some of the shots from the photo shoot now in progress. They show Eddie seated on a red stool, looking up.

EDDIE: I think it really helps us all to say, you know what, today is a new day, and we're gonna focus on making some magic happen for our members.

The photographer, a man wearing a black T-shirt and glasses, looks through the viewfinder of the camera, smiling. The assistant looks on in the background near the computer monitor. A small black-and-white portrait is visible on the wall.


EDDIE: I was a little taken aback. You know, UnitedHealthcare has thousands of thousands of employees.

Eddie continues to stand for his shoot, his hands folded. His brown dress shoes are now visible, as is the stand that holds the fill light.

EDDIE: So I'm very humble to have been chosen.

As the camera flashes, the screen fades to white. Blue and purple text fills the screen.





The text fades to the UnitedHealthcare logo, a solid blue "U" shape with three concentric gray rings emanating from it.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealthcare