Transcript: Meet the 2020 Everyday Lifechangers: Jeremy

A woman dabs makeup onto Jeremy's face as upbeat music plays.

The woman ties and adjusts a necktie around Jeremy's neck. Jeremy begins to speak off-camera.

JEREMY: Hey, I'm Jeremy Ayers. I'm the digital capability manager for government operations.

A woman adjusts Jeremy's shirt cuffs and sweater.

Jeremy sits on a gray couch and speaks to the camera. A blue banner containing white text appears at the bottom of the screen.

JEREMY: My role is about being able to provide our members and advocates digital technology that they prefer to use.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Jeremy Ayers

                                    Every Day Life Changer

A man directs Jeremy toward a white photography backdrop. A woman approaches Jeremy.

MAN: Step right on the...

JEREMY: Being able to provide them the best health care we can and getting them the answers quickly.

A woman rolls a lint roller over Jeremy's clothing. She adjusts his tie.

JEREMY: Same with advocates--being able to make their job easier.

A man photographs Jeremy and speaks. Light flashes as the shutter of the camera clicks.

MAN: Nice. One, two, three.

Jeremy sits on the gray couch and speaks to the camera.

JEREMY: I hope it sheds light on those people who are kind of more behind-the-scenes or even on the front line that don't always get those kind of recognition that they should.

Photos of Jeremy display on a monitor.

Jeremy poses with his arms crossed as he's photographed.

A man photographs Jeremy and speaks as Jeremy poses on a blue stool.

MAN: Yes. Nice.

JEREMY: I feel very honored and great about it. What I'm doing does provide an impact.

Jeremy sits on the gray couch and speaks to the camera.

Dark blue and light blue text displays on a white background.





The UnitedHealthcare logo displays over a white background.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealthcare