Transcript: Meet the 2020 Everyday Lifechangers: Sheila

A woman dabs a makeup brush into a makeup container as upbeat music plays.

A woman dabs makeup onto Sheila's face with a white sponge. Sheila begins to speak.

SHEILA: Hi, my name is Sheila, and I am a senior Navigate4Me representative.

The camera shows the woman and Sheila at a hair and makeup station. Clothes and shoes along with various hair and makeup tools surround them.

The woman adjusts Sheila's hair.

Sheila sits on a gray couch and speaks to the camera. A blue banner containing white text appears at the bottom of the screen.

SHEILA: So the motivating factor for me is realizing that any caller could be my grandmother or my grandfather, and that's the motivating factor, is that I never want to leave anyone behind.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Sheila Wills

                                    Every Day Life Changer

Sheila poses on a white backdrop surrounded by bright photography umbrellas and other equipment. A camera flashes, and a man speaks.

MAN: Nice.

SHEILA: Being an Every Day Life Changer is part of who I am every day.

Sheila sits on the gray couch and speaks to the camera.

Quick cuts show a man photographing Sheila as she poses.

SHEILA: It just encourages me to continue forward in what I'm doing, and it helps me to know that I actually am doing a great job and making a difference in the lives that I come in contact with.

Photos of Sheila display on a monitor.

Sheila poses with her arms crossed as she's photographed.

Sheila sits on the gray couch and speaks to the camera.

SHEILA: It just felt like I was doing the right thing, and it was affirmation that I was.

The man photographs Sheila and speaks.

MAN: Hold it. Beautiful.

Dark blue and light blue text displays on a white background.





The UnitedHealthcare logo displays over a white screen.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealthcare