Transcript: Meet the 2020 Everyday Lifechangers: Trudy

A woman adjusts Trudy's shirt as upbeat music plays. Trudy begins to speak off-camera.

TRUDY: Hi, my name is Trudy Ryan, and I'm an associate director in E&I marketing and open enrollment team.

A woman applies makeup to Trudy's face.

A woman uses a curling iron to curl Trudy's hair.

Trudy walks onto a photography backdrop. She speaks with a man, and he pats her on the back as she walks past.

MAN: Good to go?

TRUDY: Yeah.

MAN: Awesome.

A man photographs Trudy as she stands against the backdrop. Bright light flashes as the camera shutter clicks.

TRUDY: I work on simplifying the overall member experience.

Trudy sits on a gray couch and speaks. A blue banner containing white text appears at the bottom of the screen.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Trudy Ryan

                                    Every Day Life Changer

TRUDY: It's me and my team that really put forth that consumer lens and helps the member and prospective members to make their plan decisions more easily and more confidently.

A woman sprays hair product and adjusts Trudy's hair.

A man photographs Trudy as she poses against the backdrop.

TRUDY: I was very surprised, knowing that my efforts have been recognized as one who makes a difference.

Photos of Trudy display on a monitor.

Trudy smiles as she is photographed.

A man speaks to Trudy and looks into his camera. The camera pans over to Trudy posing on the backdrop.

MAN: That's--right there. Beautiful. Awesome.

TRUDY: I think having this experience is really refreshing and kind of like re-motivating, you know, to get you, again, focused, you know, on the member.

Trudy sits on the gray couch and speaks.

Trudy poses as she is photographed.

Dark blue and light blue text display over a white background.





The UnitedHealthcare logo displays over a white screen.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealthcare