Transcript: Mentoring Program Helps Women Leaders Across the Globe

The exterior of several UnitedHealthcare buildings are shown. Light piano music plays.

Akshi Khandelwal Bhutani walks through a bright lobby with a large wall of windows behind her.

AKSHI: Hello, everyone. I'm Akshi Khandelwal Bhutani from India.

Akshi sits at a large table below a projector screen. Women and men sit around the table and listen as she speaks.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Akshi Khandelwal Bhutani

                                    Vital Voices Mentee

A person at the table holds a book and flips through the pages.

AKSHI: I'm going to take you through a presentation which talks briefly about my background so that you have a good idea about how I started this business.

The camera pans over the other people at the table as they watch and listen to Akshi.

Monica Hamling stands in front of a wooden wall and speaks to someone off-camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Monica Hamling

                                    Talent Business Partner, UnitedHealthcare

MONICA: Fortune-U.S. Department of State has a program that's been in existence for about 13 years, and it was intended to help emerging economies grow by strengthening female leadership in those regions.

The camera pans over the conference room where Akshi is speaking.

Akshi stands and points to the projector screen while speaking.

Akshi sits in a chair at the table while speaking to someone off-camera.

AKSHI: And I'm here as a mentee to Tami Reller, who's the chief marketing and experience officer of UnitedHealthcare.

Akshi and Tami Reller walk through a hallway as they talk. Tami wears ear buds and holds her phone in one hand.

Tami Reller sits in a chair and speaks to someone off-camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Tami Reller

                                    Chief Marketing and Experience Officer, UnitedHealthcare

TAMI: Both being a mentor and having a mentor, regardless of where you are, you know, in your career, I think, is just such a helpful approach.

Tami and Akshi walk past elevator doors as they talk.

TAMI: It's not about sort of one mentor and one mentee.

Tami sits behind a desk in an office and speaks to Akshi on the other side of the desk.

TAMI: You know, that's terrific, but, you know, how do we take the "it takes a village" approach to this and to say, "Okay, let's give a broad set of leaders "an opportunity to mentor; "let's give our mentee a much broader opportunity to see a number of leaders across a number of settings"?

Close-up shot of Tami speaking to Akshi.

Akshi stands at the head of the conference room table and addresses the people.

Akshi holds a booklet and continues speaking.

Tami sits in a chair and speaks to someone off-camera.

Akshi and Monica shake hands in an office.

Monica and Akshi sit at a table and talk.

Monica speaks to someone off-camera in front of a wooden wall.

MONICA: I've been just delighted with her energy.

Akshi speaks and smiles while standing in front of the projector screen.

MONICA: She brings this incredibly what I'll call fresh perspective on health and wellness.

A booklet is shown laying on a table.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          chrysalis

AKSHI: "Ayur" is life. "Veda" is science. It's the science of life that originated from ancient India.

Akshi sits in a chair and speaks to someone off-camera.

A photograph of Akshi fades in. She sits on a couch and holds a booklet. Other women sit on a couch across from her. Three men stand nearby holding booklets.

AKSHI: Having an understand about Ayurved can really help them to make better decisions for their life and health.

Another photo fades in. It shows Akshi in a kitchen wearing a hair net and stirring something in a metal bowl.

Another photo fades in. It shows Akshi holding a book and showing it to another woman. Two other women sit nearby and look on.

Akshi sits in a chair and speaks to someone off-camera.

AKSHI: I've learned a lot, met some amazing people, and they're so helpful.

The camera pans past a window as Akshi sits at a table and speaks with another woman.

AKSHI: They're ready to listen to you, to really dive down into your whole agenda, kind of solve the problems, and guide you.

A woman scrolls through a web page on a laptop.

The woman laughs.

The woman stands at a whiteboard and speaks to Akshi, sitting nearby.

TAMI: I think a program like this is an opportunity to show the side of UnitedHealth Group that build communities, you know, build potential, you know, think about growth.

Tami sits in front of a wall and speaks to someone off-camera.

Akshi walks up to the projector screen and reaches high to point at something while speaking.

TAMI: Like, all of that is in our DNA, and that's really what this program is all about.

A man sitting at the large table watches and listens to Akshi.

Akshi stands at the front of the conference room as the others at the table look on.

Akshi sits in a chair and speaks to someone off-camera.

AKSHI: It's opened my eyes and my mind, my horizons in very, very big ways.

Akshi stands in a hallway and speaks to Tami and a man.

AKSHI: I'm truly grateful. It has been a tremendous journey.

The screen fades to white and blue text appears next to the UnitedHealthcare logo.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealthcare