Transcript: Internship Program Helps Active Duty Service Members Explore Careers

The camera pans across a large lobby and shows a blue sign. Light music plays.






EDDIE: Welcome to this panel discussion tonight on the future of veteran transition.

A projected slideshow is shown.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Veterans Day 2019

                                    The Future of Veteran Transition Speaker

                                    Eddie Dunn, Moderator

Eddie Dunn stands on a stage in front of the projected screen and speaks into a microphone.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Eddie Dunn

                                    UnitedHealth Group Military Internship Program (MIP)

EDDIE: There are over 20 to 22 million veterans in the country today. About 15 million of them are in the workforce.

A close-up shows a gold pin on Eddie's lapel.

EDDIE: My name's Eddie Dunn.

Eddie sits in a cubicle and looks at his laptop.

EDDIE: I am the head of Military Internships for UnitedHealth Group.

Eddie sits on a couch with his arm over the back of it and speaks to someone off-camera.

EDDIE: 20 years active duty and reserves.

A photo of Eddie and a woman fades into view.

EDDIE: Served in the famed 82nd Airborne Division. I was deployed in 2004.

A video shows Eddie walking through an airport in military garb. People chant his name as he hugs someone.

EDDIE: So when I came home and got off the plane, my dad was there and he said to me, he says, "Eddie, I'm so glad you got the welcome home that I never got."

Eddie is interviewed on the couch.

A photo of Eddie and his father is shown. They stand in front of palm trees on a sunny day.

EDDIE: I am the son of a 100% disabled Vietnam veteran.

Eddie is interviewed on the couch.

EDDIE: I watched my father go through a lot of stuff. Um... I can't affect the outcomes of where Vietnam veterans are now, but I can sure as heck affect the outcomes of our current generation of heroes.

Eddie leans on a podium and holds a microphone while listening to a man speak at the front of a lecture hall.

EDDIE: How many people in the Army?

Eddie raises his hand and looks around as people in the crowd raise their hands.

EDDIE: Outstanding.

Eddie is interviewed on the couch.

EDDIE: UnitedHealth Group Military Internship program, we can actually bring in active duty service members before they get out of the military.

The camera pans across the room as Eddie stands at the front and listens to the panel speak.

EDDIE: And what makes UnitedHealth Group a little bit different is that we're also providing that workforce reintegration piece as well.

Eddie is interviewed on the couch.

White text appears over a background showing an American flag.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealth Group's Military

                                    Internship Program partners with

                                    the Department of Defense

                                    SkillBridge program.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          The collaboration offers military

                                    members experience in business,

                                    finance and clinical operations

                                    as well as IT and customer service.

Tom Wiffler is shown speaking to someone off-camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Tom Wiffler

                                    CEO - UnitedHealthcare Specialty Benefits (Marine)

TOM: I appreciate the intangibles; the teamwork, the integrity, the camaraderie, the desire to get the mission accomplished.

Dr. Brian Masterson is interviewed.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Dr. Brian Masterson

                                    Senior Behavioral Health Medical Director - Optum (Airforce)

BRIAN: We have a very resilient population in the military, both the families and the veterans themselves, and it really is important to actually look at how can we support them.

Eddie is interviewed on the couch.

EDDIE: Veteran suicide and veteran homelessness are huge, significant factors and why I think UnitedHealth Group could be a major player and national thought leader in this space because our predisposition is to think of veterans as broken warriors that need charity.

Tom is shown speaking in front of the audience.

Eddie is interviewed on the couch.

Eddie is shown speaking to various people in the conference hall.

EDDIE: Where most of us are absolutely qualified to do any job, but we're not given a chance.

Eddie stands at the front of the conference hall and gestures to his panel, including Tom and Brian.

EDDIE: Can we give them a hand? Round of applause? Yeah.

Eddie is interviewed on the couch.

EDDIE: I always like to say I'm in the veteran transformation business. That's what I do.

The screen fades to white and the UnitedHealth Group logo appears.