Transcript: Boosting student physical activity during Field Day at Hall STEM Academy

Beneath a bright blue sky, an American flag flutters in front of a brick school. A blue sign with yellow text hangs on the building, reading “Hall Stem Academy.” A jaunty marching band tune plays as a small blue banner wipes across the left-hand side of the view with white text inside

ONSCREEN TEXT:        Minneapolis, MN 

On a concrete pad behind the school, a UnitedHealthcare banner waves in the grass. Nearby, students play on a brand-new basketball court while a young person conducts a marching band in yellow t-shirts that read “Ski-U-Mah” on the back.

A woman in a Hall Stem Academy t-shirt speaks outside the basketball court as a small blue banner appears with white text:

ONSCREEN TEXT:     Rachel Stewart
                                    Family and community liaison at Hall STEM Academy

RACHEL STEWART: Today was our annual Track and Field Day. This is the kids’ favorite day of the year. This is the day when everybody lets their hair down, takes their hats off. Usually school is about, you know, serious business. This is a time where we get to have fun.

Students roll past on yellow tandem tricycles on the concrete, and whack plastic balls off t-ball stands in the grass. Another student speaks, with the blue banner appearing to her left:

ONSCREEN TEXT:     Janiyah
                                    Hall STEM Academy student

JANIYAH: Field day is fun, when we play games and get wet, water balloons and stuff.

Students gather around a gopher mascot, and another blue UnitedHealthcare banner ripples in the breeze outside the basketball court. Students dribble, practice, and shoot inside the fence as Rachel speaks.

RACHEL STEWART: We have a partnership with the UnitedHealthcare and they've helped us get this court behind us. This space used to be a garden and we got the information that UnitedHealthcare were interested in sponsoring a dream court here at our school.

A man in a UnitedHealthcare polo shirt speaks on the grass, with white text in a blue banner to his left:

ONSCREEN TEXT:     Matt Hartman
                                    Marketing and sponsorships, UnitedHealth Group

MATT HARTMAN: This thing’s going to be around for 20, 30 years. It's going to last a long time for the next decades of kids that come through here. The inclusion of UnitedHealthcare in these communities and for these young kids is so important. It gives them an opportunity to do things that they wouldn't always have access to. I think it's important to show that we care and that they mean something, right? That they've got value and that they can do something positive in their day-to-day and have fun.

Volunteers hand out basketballs to the students on the court and supervise them as they play with cheerleading pompoms and paper airplanes, and leap in a race. A white background wipes across, with the UnitedHealthcare logo in the center – a stylized, navy-blue letter U that splits into three stripes on the right-hand side. The logo shifts to the left, and text to its right appears: