Transcript: Delivering Dental Care to Children in Need

A wide shot reveals the cityscape of Phoenix, Arizona.

A shot slowly dollies forward to reveal a gravel path, in which a UnitedHealthcare Mobile Dental Clinic bus sits at the end of on a street.

KRIS: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

Kris Volcheck examines a young dental patient's mouth as he counts teeth.

KRIS: 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20.

Kris Volcheck smiles and speaks to the camera.

KRIS: I'm Kris Volcheck, and I'm the CEO and Founder of Brighter Way Institute.

Cut to the back of the Mobile Dental Clinic in front of a small dental clinic on the side of a street.

KRIS: We're at the Boys and Girls Club. It is the only dental center in the nation associated with the Boys and Girls Club.

A close-up reveals text and UnitedHealthcare and Brighter Way Institute logos.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Mobile Dental Clinic


                                    BRIGHTERWAY INSTITUTE

A Brighter Way Institute sign advertising affordable braces sits outside of a building.





                                    $99 PER


Kris speaks to a woman at a desk regarding a patient.

KRIS: She has a little bit of anterior, and she needs to get scheduled for... braces.

Children and parents sit in a waiting room with play blocks stacked on a table in the middle of the room.

KRIS: These parents are impoverished. They cannot take time off of work. It's almost impossible for them to get into a clinic on a regular basis.

Kris continues speaking to the camera.

Kris examines a patient and speaks with her as she looks at her teeth in a handheld mirror.

KRIS: So let's talk to your mom, okay? Okay, so at least you can consider braces and start thinking about it for me, okay?

A boy stacks play blocks in a waiting room as other children and parents wait.

KRIS: A lot of our impoverished parents would like to bring their kids in, but the other piece of it is, their dental literacy is low. If they understood what problems come with dental, they would try even harder, but they don't.

Kris continues speaking to the camera.

A woman shakes Kris' hand as he talks to her and her daughter.

KRIS: They want to do everything for these kids, but they don't really understand that baby teeth are important.

A woman walks hand-in-hand with a child as they board the bus. A black overlay with white text covers the screen.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Through an $800,000 grant

                                    from UnitedHealthcare,

                                    Brighter Way Institute purchased

                                    a mobile dental clinic to

                                    serve youth in Phoenix.

Kris continues speaking to the camera.

KRIS: The only way that we can get out to those Boys and Girls Clubs is by the mobile unit provided by UnitedHealthcare.

Dr. Nicole Cooper speaks to the camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Dr. Nicole Cooper

                                    Vice President, Social Responsibility - UnitedHealthcare

NICOLE: UnitedHealthcare's empowering health commitment is our commitment to improving the health of vulnerable communities by addressing the social determinants of health and through expanding access to care.

A shot zooms along the street where the Mobile Dental Clinic is parked.

NICOLE: We're specifically choosing to fund safe net dental providers who provide critical access to care for low-income children and adults, because addressing a child's dental care needs when they are children has an impact on their entire health and over their lifetime as an adult.

A woman cleans a child's teeth.

Kris examines a child's mouth using dental tools.

A woman places dental bite wings in a child's mouth as he bites down.

WOMAN: Open. Bite down. All the way.

A man opens the door of the Mobile Dental Clinic as a family steps inside.

KRIS: Look what we're doing and what we could not do without that.

A woman flosses a child's teeth.

KRIS: I would not be able to serve these 12 Boys and Girls Clubs...

A man sits outside of a small room where a woman examines a dental patient.

KRIS: I would not be able to serve 20 school districts in the South of Phoenix.

Two men look at a computer screen with images of teeth.

A man makes a balloon out of a rubber glove as Kris and a girl laugh together.

Kris continues speaking to the camera.

KRIS: We serve 35,000 patient visits a year now.

A woman suctions a patient's teeth using dental tools.

KRIS: So that makes me feel really good that we're actually making a dent.

The girl plays with the rubber glove balloon as Kris smiles and speaks to her.

KRIS: Good to see you. I'll see you next time, okay? Bye.

A wide shot reveals the Mobile Dental Clinic on a street in Phoenix. A black overlay with white text appear over the shot.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          More than 4,600 people have already

                                    benefited from the mobile dental clinic

                                    which will serve many more

                                    kids for years to come.

The blue UnitedHealthcare logo appears in the middle of a white screen.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealthcare