Transcript: Help on Wheels: Mobile Food Pantry Provides Produce to Families in Need

Rain pattering. A cityscape stands on a riverbank. Gentle acoustic music plays.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Memphis, Tennessee

A woman wearing glasses, Rosie, stands with a group of people under a tall metal structure on an urban street. She holds a bright yellow umbrella.

ROSIE: I don't want the rain to be dripping on you. Oh, it's cold out. This coastal rain is cold. Oh, we gotta go on that side?

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Rosie White is waiting in line for

                                    fresh produce from Mid-South Food Bank's

                                    Nutrition on Wheels.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          She's among the more than

                                    370,000 people in Memphis and

                                    the surrounding region who are

                                    food insecure.

Rosie sits talking to the camera out of the rain. In another shot, feet shuffle out into the rain and Rosie continues to stand under her yellow umbrella.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Rosie

                                    Mobile Pantry Client

ROSIE: It helps out, because my income is very small, very, very small. I don't get very much of a check when I get it, so I have to stretch what I get.

Hands pack a bag of oranges.

CATHY: Today we're doing a food distribution.

Rosie stands under her umbrella talking to a man.

MAN: Have a good day.

ROSIE: Thank you so much. Yeah.

A woman wearing a scarf, Cathy, stands near a truck on the rainy city street.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Nutrition on Wheels





                                    Cathy Pope

                                    Mid-South Food Bank - President & CEO

CATHY: These are folks that really need a good diet.

A man stands near the truck. He rifles through a plastic bag of produce. Then Rosie talks to the camera.

MAN: Grapes.

ROSIE: It helps out a lot, because I have grandchildren and great-grandchildren--I'm still taking children to school.

A woman pulls a bag of oranges from a box in the truck. In another shot, a man in a suit, Steve, stands near the truck on the rainy city street. A close-up of the truck.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Nutrition on Wheels





                                    Steve Wilson

                                    UnitedHealthcare of Tennessee, CEO, E&I

STEVE: Through our Empowering Health initiative in Tennessee, we awarded the Mid-South Food Bank a $500,000 grant. The purpose of that grant was to expand their mobile food pantry services.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          The Nutrition on Wheels program will

                                    allow Mid-South Food Bank to partner with

                                    health clinics and senior centers, providing

                                    nutritious food to 38,000 people a year.

Back to Cathy, standing near the truck. She talks to the camera.

CATHY: Some people don't have access. There's--there's food deserts and that type thing.

The camera pans along the truck parked in the rain.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Nutrition on Wheels





                                    FEEDING THE NEED



CATHY: We wanna make sure that we're filling that gap for them.

A young man loads a cardboard box and plastic bag onto a cart for a woman standing under an umbrella.

WOMAN: Thank you so much.

MAN: No problem.

WOMAN: I appreciate it.

STEVE: We're here. It's cold and it's raining and there's a line of people. It shows there's a tremendous need in Memphis.

A man wearing glasses and a lanyard, Lonnie, rifles through a plastic bag of produce. In a close-up, bagged produce is visible.

LONNIE: And apples; oranges, grapes, and apples. I think the older I'm getting, the more I'm preaching that I need to eat better.

Lonnie talks to the camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Lonnie

                                    Mobile Pantry Client

LONNIE: I wanna live longer.

A man wearing a baseball cap, Willie, pushes a walker through the rain. In another shot, he talks to the camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Willie

                                    Mobile Pantry Client

WILLIE: It's helpful, yeah, 'cause a lot of times I'm not able to get the fruit that I want, don't get enough food stamps. And I'm disabled, on [indistinct] machine.

Back to Rosie talking to the camera under her umbrella.

ROSIE: It's good to get it because I need it. I wouldn't be out here in this rain if I didn't need it.

A man hands a plastic bag full of produce to two people wearing coats, their hoods pulled up against the rain. A person pushes a cart laden with bagged produce. People carry plastic bags full of produce.

CATHY: If you can have a healthy diet, if you can have fresh fruits and vegetables, that's gonna help you with a lot of illnesses that you may have later down the road. We hope to move the needle on the health of our community.

Rosie walks out into the rain towards the truck, holding her umbrella. Then the screen fades to white and the blue UnitedHealthcare logo appears.

ROSIE: But I'm doing better. I'm doing much better.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealthcare®