Transcript: An Indiana Runner’s Journey Using the UnitedHealthcare Motion Program

A yellow kettlebell rests on a purple carpet. Hands grip the handle and pull it up off the screen.

MEGAN: I wanna be healthy. I wanna... I wanna live forever, you know?

A woman performs lunges while holding the kettlebells. In the space where she works out, a line of exercise bikes and treadmills sits below a sign that reads "Group Training." Cut to the woman pulling an exercise cord.

MEGAN: You only get one body. That's all you get.

She talks in front of a rack of exercise balls.

MEGAN: So you might as well take care of it and do everything you can to maintain it.

From another angle, the woman lifts a giant padded object that reads "150 LB" and flips it on its side. The object lands.

MEGAN: So I'm Megan. I'm from Lowell, Indiana.

Megan speaks from outside on a sunny day.

ON SCREEN TEXT:   Megan Keller

                                    UnitedHealthcare Motion® Participant

MEGAN: I am currently training for a Spartan Race.

We watch just her face as she performs repetitions on a seated workout machine. Another angle shows the seat and the track it rests on.

MEGAN: Spartan Race is a obstacle course race where you're physically going over...

Another outside shot of Megan speaking fades into a still image of her mid-run.


MEGAN: Obstacles; you're trying things that you wouldn't normally do.

Another still image shows Megan walking along a path carrying a large orange bucket. Others walk behind her also carrying buckets. Fade to an image of her running through a series of padded hanging bags with illegible text on them.

MEGAN: You know, on a normal day. You're climbing ropes. You're flipping tires. You're going under mud walls. You're going under the water.

A photo of Megan shows her smiling with a medal around her neck. Back inside the gym, she pulls on a cord while seated.

MEGAN: I may not be competing, but I'm always competing against myself.

From a wide angle, we see Megan on a seated workout machine. Elsewhere, she whips two long ropes as part of a workout routine.

MEGAN: I've always been very self-driven and very motivated and always just wanting to push myself to the next limit and, you know, it may not be an Olympic athlete, but it's what's best for me.

Megan stands up and exhales sharply.

MEGAN: That'll take a lot out of you. My dad always did marathons and did triathlons.

A photo of Megan and her dad at a restaurant show them smiling.

MEGAN: We grew up in a farm...

The photo fades into a tracking shot of Megan jogging down a suburban road.

MEGAN: In the country, on five acres, and he mapped out a course for me so that I could run miles. The Motion Program was introduced to us through UnitedHealthcare.

Megan adjusts her wrist device.

MEGAN: And they said, "Hey, you wanna make money doing what you do anyway for your health insurance?" We can get up to $3 a day just by doing the things that we already do.

From the ground, Megan's feet whiz past the camera as she jogs.

MICHAEL: Megan was a great testament for us, as this has been a great motivator...

A middle-aged man in a suit speaks while seated.

ON SCREEN TEXT:   Michael Telesky

                                    V.P. of Sales for Illinois and NW Indiana F&I UnitedHealthcare

Megan points at her smart phone, which shows various Motion telemetries.

MEGAN: For folks that are using the Motion Program. What it allows an organization to do is offer a health savings account

Megan continues jogging down the suburban road.

MICHAEL: And let the members actually walk down their deductible. It could be almost $1,100 a year just simply by getting up walking and moving throughout the day.

MEGAN: Dollars add up. Every little bit counts. I mean, you know, it's right there reminding me every day.

Closer up, we see Megan wearing the device as she jogs.

MEGAN: It's right there at my wrist. I can check it at a glance. I can see what goals I've already hit. And I can see when I'm close to one.

Megan continues jogging. She nears a mailbox and Dumpster.

MEGAN: You don't need any gear. You don't need anything, really, other than a pair of shoes and the will to move forward.

We continue following Megan jogging from overhead.

ON SCREEN TEXT:    Participants have walked more than

                                    272 billion steps and earned

                                    $43 million in rewards.

ON SCREEN TEXT:    For Megan, miles bring purpose.

MEGAN: You get to that hill, and you don't want to go up it, but because you're tired already or you're fatigued, and you think, "Well, why should I give up?" You know, my dad wouldn't let me give up.

In a photo, Megan and her dad smile. Another photo shows the two smiling in public.

MEGAN: I can picture his voice in my head. I can hear him say, "Megan, you can do it," or "Megan, just a little bit further."

In an old photo, Megan's dad holds her up as an infant. The two smile.

MEGAN: He's since passed, so he's very inspiring to me, that I can do things that I think would make him proud or make him even laugh.

Megan continues jogging.

MEGAN: He would have been behind me for sure.

Megan jogs away from the camera, now at ground level. The scene fades to white. The blue-and-white UnitedHealthcare logo appears above small legal text.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealthcare®