Transcript: Providing full care and wrap-around services for people with disabilities

Uplifting music plays. The view drifts over a colorful facility beside a highway.

ONSCREEN TEXT:       San Antonio, Texas

As a woman, Becky West, speaks in voiceover, a photo shows a man with Down Syndrome, Sam, playing with his young sister, Luna.

BECKY: I have two kids with special needs. I have a 30-year-old and I have a three-year-old.

Another photo shows Sam hugging a young girl wearing a gold medal in front of a Special Olympics backdrop. A sign on the side of the facility reads, "The MAC Multi-Assistance Center." Text appears as Becky interviews on a couch, sitting with Sam.

ONSCREEN TEXT:       Becky West

                                      Sam's Mom

BECKY: I can take Luna to a cardiology appointment. I can take Sam for a haircut, not even have to get in the car in between appointments.

A photo shows Becky outside the MAC holding Luna in her arms while Sam leans on her shoulder.

BECKY: It's amazing. It's life changing.

The view drifts back from the facility. As a man, Gordon Hartman, speaks in voiceover, the doors of the MAC open, revealing the lobby.

GORDON: There was really a need for a place where we could bring everything under a one-stop-shop kind of approach…

Text appears as Gordon interviews.

ONSCREEN TEXT:       Gordon Hartman

                                       Founder, Multi-Assistance Center

GORDON: …Truly able to get to all the different elements of what they needed for medical, therapeutic, and social determinants of health.

A MAC flag flaps in the wind. Multi-colored butterfly decorations adorn the portico over the MAC doors.

GORDON: Thus, the creation of the Multi-Assistance Center at Morgan’s wonderland.

Text appears as a woman, Patricia Longoria, interviews.

ONSCREEN TEXT:       Patricia Longoria

                                      UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Texas

PATRICIA: Collaborative care is a methodology by which patients can receive care for medical and non-medical services, bringing it all together.

A specialist holds up a picture of a tree in front of a young girl in a motorized chair, and points to a screen displaying various common symbols.

PATRICIA: UnitedHealthcare has worked on doing that in multifaceted ways. In the same facility where you have surgery services, mental health services, dental services, employment services…

Text appears.

ONSCREEN TEXT:       - Surgery

                                       - Mental Health

                                       - Dental

                                       - Employment

PATRICIA: …they're going to be able to say, well, you just go to the MAC.

Nurses assist a girl with several arm and body movements.

NURSE: Good, good, good.

Gordon interviews.

GORDON: See some 10,000 people that the MAC will see on a consistent basis. Organizations like UnitedHealthcare don't just say, “That's a good idea,” and then move on to the next thing. They say, “That's a good idea. How do we make it happen?” And that's what happened here. And we're very grateful for that.

A practice specialist manager, Tina, sits with a young man with Down Syndrome, Marc.

TINA: We're going to just start with some deep breaths.

They take a deep breath.

Marc sits on a couch with his mother, Deborah, as she interviews. Text appears.

ONSCREEN TEXT:       Deborah Jastrebski

Founder, Practice without Pressure | Marc's mom

DEBORAH: A commitment to do everything they can to bring practice without pressure to the MAC and then to grow it from here. The genesis of practice without pressure is because of you, buddy, right?

Marc gives a thumbs up.

DEBORAH: Can I tell your story?

Marc nods and gives another thumbs up. Photos of Deborah with Marc as a young child appear.

DEBORAH: Marc was born with Down Syndrome and many health issues, especially major heart issues. When he was very young, he had to have a lot of tests and a lot of medical interventions. Got Marc to the point where he was afraid of anything in his personal space. Right, buddy?

Marc raises a hand. Now Tina wraps Marc's arm in a band and swabs his arm with cotton.

DEBORAH: Just how deep this fear was in him of someone holding him down.

Marc grins and raises two thumbs.

MARC: Yes.

Tina interviews. Text appears.

ONSCREEN TEXT:       Tina Galindo

                                      Practice Specialist Manager, Multi-Assistance Center

TINA: Helping them understand the space for creating a safe for them.

Deborah interviews.

DEBORAH: There's just no more restraint for folks with any kind of a disability, it doesn't matter.

Deborah sits across from Marc, holding his hands as Tina wraps the band around his arm. Patricia interviews.

PATRICIA: Practice without pressure enables individuals with special needs to access care that they may not have been able to access before.

Tina hugs Marc.

TINA: Good job buddy!

Deborah interviews, then Marc sits with Sam and Tina. Marc reassuringly pats Sam on the back as a nurse draws blood from Sam's arm. Sam looks to the camera with a confident smile.

DEBORAH: Marc and Sam recognized each other as both having Down syndrome. I think to see them support each other together, both of them had horrible fears of blood draws.

Deborah turns to her son.

DEBORAH: Marc, you and your peers deserve absolutely the same kind of care as everyone else does.

Marc and Sam embrace.

DEBORAH: It's just so powerful.

Marc gives a thumbs up, Sam's arm around his shoulder.

The stacked blue U's of the United Healthcare logo appear, followed by text.

ONSCREEN TEXT:       United