Transcript: Navigate4Me: Offering a Trusted Guide Along Your Health Journey

Through a blue filter, broad tree branches appear on a light blue background. White and blue text appears over the trees. Upbeat music plays.

ON SCREEN TEXT: UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage member:
                                  Melinda Lacy, Jacksonville, Florida

A woman with short dark hair and glasses, Melinda, sits on a sofa talking to the camera.

MELINDA: I'm Melinda Lacy. I grew up in Arkansas, and I live in Jacksonville, Florida. I'm 72 years old.

Melinda sits at a dining table. She picks up a DSLR camera and fingers its buttons.

MELINDA: My art and creative journey has defined my life, actually.

In several shots, various pieces of visual artwork are visible--paintings, photographs, illustrations, landscapes and portraits of various subjects. Melinda continues to chat from the sofa. In another shot, she walks along a paved sidewalk carrying her camera. She holds it up to look through the viewfinder.

MELINDA: I think that's basically what my life has been about is just pursuing those interests, you know, the questions that I'm looking for answers for and finding it wherever I can.

The sun shines through green leaves, illuminating Spanish moss hanging off a tree branch. Melinda continues chatting to the camera from the sofa.

MELINDA: And I was always, you know, like, an overweight person, and I think I used it as protection...

Melinda looks through matted photographs in a portfolio.

MELINDA: To keep people at arm's length. As I got older, my knees started getting bad and giving me problems, primarily, I think because of the weight.

In a bright open gym, Melinda lifts a medicine ball as a trainer watches nearby. Melinda pulls on tension bands and uses a rowing machine.

MELINDA: I decided I needed to make some changes. That's when I joined the gym. But when I first started working out, the knees started bothering me a lot.

Melinda walks along an elevated track. In another shot, she sits on a chair near a bed, resting her leg on the bed and wrapping a brace around her knee. She taps the screen of a smartphone.

MELINDA: And I had absolutely no idea what to expect when they said "total knee replacement." And then when they told me "You're gonna have to learn how to walk again," that just wasn't in my realm of things that was gonna happen.

On the sofa, Melinda lifts her smartphone to her ear.

MELINDA: And then one day, Glenda called.

A blond woman, Glenda, wears a headset and sits at a desk looking at a laptop and talking inaudibly. In another shot, she sits in a bright room talking to the camera.

GLENDA: I'm Glenda, and I'm a UnitedHealthcare service navigator for the Navigate4Me Team.

Back in the gym, Melinda looks at a clipboard as a trainer talks inaudibly. Melinda pulls on tension bands and lifts a medicine ball over her head.

GLENDA: Navigate4Me allows a single point of contact for our members during their vulnerable and challenging health events. The goal is to have a hassle-free experience.

Back at the desk, Glenda chats inaudibly into her headset and types on the laptop. Melinda talks to the camera from the sofa. Over Glenda's shoulder, text on webpage is visible. Glenda writes on a notepad.

ON SCREEN TEXT:     Health Benefit Programs:

ON SCREEN TEXT:     Network Value-Based Care

MELINDA: I kind of gave her a hard time. Because I'm skeptical here. And it's this program, you know, about--she would do the navigating for me.

Melinda holds the phone to her ear on the sofa in a darkened room. She talks inaudibly into the phone. Wearing the headset, Glenda nods. Back on the sofa, Melinda holds the phone to her ear and smiles. Glenda talks inaudibly into the headset.

GLENDA: I called Melinda. You could tell she was in pain, and I could just feel that she just needed someone to talk to, and so I asked her if she had an authorized representative. And she said, "I don't have anybody, unless it's you."

Melinda chats inaudibly on her phone. At her desk, Glenda wears her headset and nods and smiles.

GLENDA: And I said, "Melinda, you and I will get through this together. Side-by-side, we will face whatever we can."

On the sofa, Melinda holds the phone to her ear and smiles.

MELINDA: When she told me, you know, if you need anything, if you want me to research anything, if you have any questions, call me, it was very comforting.

Glenda talks to the camera. At the gym, Melinda walks along the elevated track carrying the medicine ball.

GLENDA: There was a point that, when she was in the skilled nursing facility that I called her every day, and I'd see how her therapy went. And if she took three steps, we'd shoot for-- "Let's get four tomorrow."

The sun shines through tree branches. Glenda and Melinda walk near a children's play gym, then sit on a bench near water. They smile and chat inaudibly.

MELINDA: You know, I never expected or anticipated that kind of help, that depth of caring from an insurance company. I felt safe, you know, I felt taken care of, and that meant a lot. A whole lot.

From the park bench, the women smile and chat inaudibly as they watch boats on the water. Glenda talks to the camera. Melinda walks in grass and looks through the viewfinder of her camera.

GLENDA: She's had an amazing journey. She went from, I think, feeling alone to not having anybody, not having the support system that we all deserve, to having self-confidence. I could see the spark of life.

Melinda looks at a body of water through the viewfinder of her camera. She smiles and walks beneath tall trees. She lowers her camera from her face and smiles into the camera.

MELINDA: She was somebody that I could trust, which was a really good thing for me. Through my surgeries, she was always there. It's like all the sudden, I have a best friend here.

ON SCREEN TEXT: "All of a sudden, I have a best friend here."
                                   Melinda Klacy

Blue text appears on a white background. Then small text details appear at the bottom of the screen.

ON SCREEN TEXT:     UnitedHealthcare®