Transcript: Navigate4Me brings support to members on their health care journey

Upbeat music plays as a middle-aged man with graying hair sits on a sofa. Text slides onscreen.


ONSCREEN TEXT:            David

                                           UnitedHealthcare Member

DAVID: I've been in a few accidents, and had surgery on my right foot first, and contracted a blood disorder.

A photo shows David asleep in a hospital bed with a breathing mask over his face.

DAVID: I had quite a few seizures after that, and then had a massive stroke. That was a really rough time in my life.

Blue text appears on a white background.

ONSCREEN TEXT:            Donna is a health care navigator,

                                           supporting members through their journeys

David leans against a kitchen counter as he washes out a mug.

DAVID: Donna has helped me through so much. She knew exactly what I was going through, and she made sure that I had nurses in my home.

Additional blue text slides onscreen.

ONSCREEN TEXT:            Health care navigators help members

                                           get the care they need

David interviews on his couch, then walks along a porch using a thin, black cane.

DAVID: She helps me with all of my medications. She coordinates all my rides to any facility I need to go to. She talks to my doctors personally. Thanks to Donna, I'm sitting in my own home, and I'm getting the care I need, and I'm getting all the therapy I need. It's made my life tremendously easier.

On the end of the couch, David’s phone lights up with an incoming call. With a smile, he holds up the phone, listening to it on speaker.

DONNA: Hi, buddy. How you doing?

DAVID: Doing all right. How are you, Donna?

DONNA: I am okay. How's your morning been? You're not overdoing, are you?

DAVID: No, I’m not overdoing it.

DONNA: Okay. Remember, you are in recovery. You come first.

David stands out on his porch, gazing off into the distance.

DAVID: She gives me hope. She gives me faith. She puts a smile on my face every time I talk to her. I call her my second sister, and I've never even met her.

Blue text slides in on a white background.

ONSCREEN TEXT:            David and Donna

                                           have never seen each other

                                           Until today

On his couch, David lifts open a laptop screen.

DAVID: Hello.

On the video call, a white-haired woman sits in an office filled with sticky notes and pinned cards. She smiles warmly.

ONSCREEN TEXT:            Donna

                                           UnitedHealthcare Navigator

DONNA: Hey, buddy. How are you?

DAVID: Oh, my goodness.

DONNA: Well, it is good to meet you.

Blue text slides in over white.

ONSCREEN TEXT:            David is getting a unique opportunity

                                           to meet his navigator face-to-face

David gazes down at his laptop, speaking to Donna via video call.

DAVID: I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you done for me.

DONNA: That's what I'm here for. I love being able to make your life easier when I can and get you the care you need.

DAVID: And I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'll never forget you.

DONNA: Never forget you either, buddy.

David slowly shuts his laptop. He shuts his eyes and covers his face with his hands.

DAVID: If I didn't have Donna in my life, I don't think that I'd be sitting where I'm sitting right now.

The blue UnitedHealthcare logo appears on a white background. Text fades in.

ONSCREEN TEXT:            UnitedHealthcare

The music ends.