Outdoor Exercise Transcript

United Healthcare Outdoor Exercise Video Transcript:  

[Video Run Time:  :52]

[:00 - :04] woman walks nearby outdoor picnic shelter

[:01 on screen text instructions:] “Find a space with a hill and bench or picnic table”

[:04 - :10] woman performs standing squats outside near picnic shelter.  

[:05 - :10 on screen text instructions] “Standing Squats = 20 reps, 3 sets.”

[:10 – :18] Woman performs bench step-ups using an outdoor public picnic table. She moves up and down from the ground, then steps up to the seat, and then to the top of the picnic table, and descends down again. She repeats steps.

[:10 on screen text instructions]  “Bench Step Ups = 10 Reps on each leg for 3 sets”

[:18 woman walks to nearby hill to perform exercise outside, woman demonstrates exercise using her hands and feet to crawl up the hillside.]

[:18 – :23 on screen text instructions]“Bear Crawl Up Hill = Every 90 seconds for 3 sets”

[:23 - :32 video of woman performing exercise outside on a hillside]

[:33 on screen text instructions]  “Hill Sprints = Every 60 seconds for 3 sets”

[:33 - :44] woman runs up and down hill performing exercises for demonstration purposes.

:46 “Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.”

[:50 - :52] “United Healthcare.”  Registered trademark.

[TRT: 52]