Transcript: UnitedHealthcare to Provide Millions of Members with Year-Long Access to the Peloton App

Light music plays in the background. UHC U-mark fades to ribbon on the screen.

A woman opens her eyes. The same woman adjusts her earphones and jogs through a park.

NARRATOR: For millions of Americans, COVID-19 has prompted a renewed focus on fitness. That's in part because regular exercise may help promote overall physical and mental health, including reducing the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and helping treat issues such as depression and anxiety.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Reduce the risk of heart disease

Heart health icon appears next to text.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes

Diabetes monitor icon appears next to text.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Help treat depression and anxiety

Brain icon appears next to text.

ON SCREEN TEXT:   Risk of heart disease/diabetes: American Diabetes Association, 2016,

Depression and anxiety: National Institute for Health Research, 2019,

Man selects a class on the Peloton App on his mobile phone. Same man jogs.

NARRATOR: To help with that, UnitedHealthcare has a new program with interactive fitness brand Peloton.

Peloton logo on a white background.

Man does yoga at home as he follows a Peloton class on his television.

NARRATOR: Millions of UnitedHealthcare fully insured members, as part of their health plan benefits,

Woman selects and follows a strength fitness class on the Peloton App on her television.

NARRATOR: will soon be able to access a variety of fitness classes via the Peloton App

ON SCREEN TEXT: 12-month Peloton Digital Membership

ON SCREEN TEXT: At no additional cost

NARRATOR: through a 12-month Peloton Digital Membership at no additional cost to them.

Computer mouse moves through the Peloton benefit page on the UnitedHealthcare website and selects “Sign Up” button.

NARRATOR: After signing up at, UnitedHealthcare members will be able to

Simulation of browsing through the Peloton App on a digital tablet and mobile device.

NARRATOR: download the Peloton App and access thousands of live and on-demand fitness classes, including strength, yoga, outdoor running, indoor cycling, walking

Woman follows meditation class on the Peloton App on her tablet at home.

NARRATOR: and meditation.

Man jogs through a park.

NARRATOR: UnitedHealthcare and Peloton are delivering on our shared missions of using technology

Man practices strength training with weights at home following the Peloton App class on his television.

NARRATOR: to help make it easier for people to improve their overall fitness and wellbeing.

Philip Kaufman, Chief Operating Officer at UnitedHealthcare, talking head.

PHILIP KAUFMAN: With Peloton’s community-based platform, millions of UnitedHealthcare members are going to benefit through connecting with others, anywhere and anytime.

UHC U-mark appears along with UHC stacked wordmark and Peloton App logo. Music fades out.

ON SCREEN TEXT:   Contact your UnitedHealthcare representative or

                                    go to for more information.

                                    Program available to UnitedHealthcare plan participants 18 years and older with access to and who enroll in Peloton’s consumer subscription offering in accordance with the Peloton Terms of Service and Membership Terms; some additional limitations or state-specific restrictions may apply. UnitedHealthcare plan participants may only use one (1) code per All-Access Membership.