Transcript: Personalizing support for health care to help make things simpler

Soft inspirational music plays. A blue u-shaped logo appears against a white background.

An animation shows a person riding a bicycle with groceries in its basket. Small text appears on the animated horizon.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             Jill’s story is for illustrative purposes only.

NARRATOR: Jill is like a lot of people.

A direction signpost has signs with a red cross in a speech bubble, a stethoscope, and “ER”.

NARRATOR: She thinks healthcare is complicated, with coverage unknowns and cost surprises.

The bicycle rides over a bump. Text appears on a blue background.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             Only 1 in 3 think

                                                their health plan

                                                is on their side

NARRATOR: She feels intimidated and skeptical of health plans in general.

Smaller text is at the bottom.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             Source: J.D. Power 2020 U.S. Commercial Member Health Plan Study.

A hand places an apple on a shelf. A calendar sits next to it with a checkmark on a date. A woman leaves a bag of groceries on a counter nearby.

NARRATOR: Although Jill’s story is common, her story is uniquely hers and it requires an approach designed to address these challenges in a personal way just for Jill.

The woman sits at a computer and the monitor shows an apple in an icon over the name “Jill”. She enters a password in a box underneath.

NARRATOR: So, on day one, Jill is given a custom set of tools.

Text appears with an overhead view of the desk.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             Day one

A hand flips a book open to the text on the first page.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             Jill’s




NARRATOR: She can flip, click, and watch her way to a better understanding of how her plan works.

On a computer monitor, the u-shaped logo is in the top left corner of the screen and under it a banner reads “”. A u-shaped logo wipes across the screen and leaves text behind.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             Welcome Jill!

Text appears on a blue background.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             78% better understand

their plan after

personalized video.

Small text is at the bottom.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             78% of new members surveyed said their personalized video helped them understand their plan better. Source: UnitedHealthcare New Member Tracking Survey, 2019.

NARRATOR: The idea is to quickly help her feel more comfortable.

A hand reaches for a phone on a desk and holds it up with the u-shaped logo displayed on its screen.

NARRATOR: Because once she knows where everything is, she’s more likely to find answers when she needs them.

The woman sitting at the desk rubs her lower back.

NARRATOR: Let’s say she has been struggling with back pain.

Text appears on white.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             What are you looking to treat?

Two icons appear: one of a person with three lines over them and one with a clipboard. Text labels them.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             Area of body

                                                Type of condition

A cursor clicks on the second icon. The cursor clicks on the search bar and types “Back pain”.

NARRATOR: It’s second nature for most of us to use search, but with, the results are tailored to Jill.

A list of doctors and their occupations appears below the search bar. The cursor moves to the top of the list, which reads “Dr. Williams” and hovers over the words “Physical therapist” beside it. An icon with three dots connected in a circle appears beside it along with two blue hearts. The cursor hovers over the circle icon and the words “In Network” appear. The cursor moves over the two hearts and the words “Premium designated” appear.

NARRATOR: Right at the top, she sees the least-invasive options that are covered by her plan and evaluated for quality and cost-efficiency.

Text appears on a blue background.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             1 in 3 Americans

received a surprise

bill in the last 2 years

Smaller text is below.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             Source: Kaiser Family Foundation Health Tracking Poll, conducted Feb. 13-18, 2020.

NARRATOR: Still, not even the best planning can help avoid all surprises.

Several icons with healthcare-related designs are interconnected on a white background. A corner folds back with a doctor icon on a blue background with a warning sign beside it.

NARRATOR: That’s why proactive support can be so important. If Jill goes outside her network, we let her know.

Tablets fall into a pill bottle and the screen splits so that the other half of the screen shows a water bottle, jump rope, and a weight.

NARRATOR: And if she may save money on a prescription, or is eligible for a wellness program, we let her know that, too.

Text on white.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             We let her know that, too

The woman’s head appears in a bubble facing another bubble where a man’s head wears a headset. They speak to each other.

NARRATOR: Our people are also looking out for Jill.

An apple appears in a white circle. A finger taps it and graphs appear.

NARRATOR: Advocates have a 360-degree view of Jill’s health journey, and can help guide her next steps, like enrolling in a clinical program to help manage a chronic condition.

Text appears on blue.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             39% of clinical program

enrollees are referred

by advocates

Smaller text is underneath.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             Source: UnitedHealthcare Advocate4Me performance reporting, 2021 data.

NARRATOR: Everybody’s health journey is different.

Hands make a heart shape, a pencil colors a heart, two grasping hands form a heart, and a bandage folds into a heart. A hand places an apple on a surface and it turns to reveal a heart cut into it.

NARRATOR: For Jill and millions of other UnitedHealthcare members, we’re working to make it a little bit simpler and a lot more personal.

Text appears on white.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             a lot more personal

The text changes.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             Talk to your broker, consultant or

UnitedHealthcare representative

to learn more

A blue u-shaped logo appears against a white background, followed by text.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             United


Text is along the bottom.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             Insurance coverage provided by or through UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company or its affiliates. Administrative services provided by United HealthCare Services, Inc. or their affiliates.

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The music ends with a chime.