Transcript: Pregnancy App and Program Helps Give Expectant Mothers Peace of Mind

A smiling stuffed animal lays on its side and looks into the camera. Light piano music plays.

A yellow toy vacuum is pulled over a hard floor by a baby.

A very young boy, Quincy, looks up and waves as he walks behind a couch.


DIANA: Sometimes I get so exhausted watching him run from room to room.

The smiling yellow vacuum lays flat on the carpet before being picked up and pulled away.

Diana stands in front of a plastic play kitchen set filled with colorful dishes and condiments.

Quincy crouches to pick up some blocks then walks across the room with his arms outstretched.

DIANA: If we could get 1% of their energy, the world would be amazing.

Quincy stands on the carpet as Diana sits on the couch with a baby on her lap.

DIANA: Go Quincy. Go Quincy. Go, go.

Quincy reaches for a pink block from Diana before rubbing the head of Beckett, who lies on Diana's lap.

DIANA: Where's brother? You do nice-nice? Oh, nice. You're such a good brother.

Diana Olsen sits in her kitchen and speaks to someone off-camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:   Diana Olsen


DIANA: My name is Diana Olsen. I live in Carver, Minnesota.

Diana sits on the floor with Becket in her lap while Quincy plays nearby.

DIANA: I have two beautiful children.

A colorful plastic toy vibrates and makes noise in Quincy's hands.

DIANA: Quincy is 18 months, and Beckett is going to be three months.

Beckett sits in Diana's lap and leans against her arm.

Quincy licks his messy fingers and gets food on his face.

DIANA: We were very concerned when we got pregnant with Quincy that, could it happen again?

Diana sits at a table in her kitchen.

DIANA: Will it happen again? What things need to be done in order to make sure that it doesn't happen?

The screen fades to black and light piano music plays.

A photo of Diana and a man appears. She wears a hospital gown and they are both looking down at someone out of view.

DIANA: It amazes me how many people don't talk about it.

The photo fades out to show a baby crib with a stuffed elephant sitting on a blanket.

DIANA: Don't talk about stillbirth miscarriage, loss of a baby. We lost Lincoln. 21 weeks, we lost him.

The screen fades to black, then shows Diana sitting in her kitchen.

DIANA: You try to tough it out, 'cause— 'cause that's what you're supposed to do.

Quincy sits in the floor and pulls toys out of a clear plastic tube.

DIANA: So with Quincy, I actually, at 25 weeks, went into labor.

Diana sits in the kitchen and speaks to someone off-camera.

A photo of newborn Quincy lying in a hospital cart is shown.

DIANA: And he spent a whole month in the NICU.

Diana sits at the kitchen table.

DIANA: I had two pregnancies that didn't go the way I wanted to, so I was bound—I was gonna have a pregnancy that I wanted.

Diana's phone lays on the table and shows the UnitedHealthcare Pregnancy App. She taps an icon on the screen.

DIANA: For questions on symptoms, I'd go here.

Diana scrolls through a checklist on the app.

DIANA: I just click "Start," enter the due date.

Diana sits at the kitchen table.

DIANA: Go right to the App Store, type in "UnitedHealthcare Pregnancy" and it'll pop up.

Several icons on the app appear on the phone. A finger taps "2nd trimester."

ON SCREEN TEXT:   2nd trimester

                                    tap to open

                                    3rd trimester

                                    tap to open


                                    start date Dec. 18, 2018

DIANA: The resources, which is really great.

Diana looks down at her phone as she sits at the kitchen table.

Close-up shot of Diana's phone resting on her phone case on the table.

JANICE: Because there are times that what you're reading on the screen isn't quite enough.

Dr. Janice Huckaby sits in front of a white background filled with blue UnitedHealthcare logos and text.

ON SCREEN TEXT:   Dr. Janice Huckaby

                                    UnitedHealthcare - Chief Medical Officer, OBGYN

JANICE: That they can look at the app, they can put in their due date, they can see how many weeks they are, they can see some of the milestones that may be happening with the baby.

Diana scrolls through the app on her phone.

DIANA: First trimester, second trimester.

Diana stands in Quincy's bedroom and holds him.

JANICE: We've also seen members like Diana and her story— if you have had a high-risk pregnancy or previous problems, having someone or a resource that you can connect with kind of on-demand.

The camera pans over the home page of the UnitedHealthcare app.

Janice sits in front of the white background and speaks to someone off-camera.

Krista Wagoner sits on a couch and speaks to someone off-camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:   Krista Wagoner

                                    Optum - Maternity Nurse

KRISTA: Because a huge part of our role is emotional support. They have somebody who's really following them along on their journey. And so the app is a way for them to get connected to us, to be really transparent about their goals and their struggles, so that we can work closely with them.

Beckett sits in a baby swing and rocks back and forth.

JANICE: Anything that we can do that will help a mother feel reassured, will feel calm, can educate her family, I think will help lead to better outcomes.

Diana sits at her kitchen table and taps on her phone.

A close-up shot shows Diana scroll on her phone.

Janice sits in front of the white background and speaks to someone off-camera.

The home screen of the UnitedHealthcare app is shown.

DIANA: It's nice, too, that they give you the— a spot to track after a baby's born.

Diana sits at her kitchen table.

A menu on the app is shown.

ON SCREEN TEXT:   Post-Pregnancy

                                    start date Dec. 18, 2018

                                    Take the Welcome Baby Question...

                                    December 18, 2018

                                    Breastfeeding support

                                    December 20, 2018


                                    December 22, 2018

Diana sits at the table and speaks to someone off-camera.

DIANA: When I look at Beckett, I smile at him, and his face just lights up and his little legs just get to kicking.

Beckett smiles and looks up at Diana as she holds him.

DIANA: It's—it's those moments.

Quincy sits in a high chair.

QUINCY: No, no!

DIANA: Sitting with Quincy and teaching him something new and him picking it up just like that— what's not to like about motherhood?

A fork picks up a chunk of breaded chicken from a green bowl.

Quincy puts a slice of breaded chicken into his mouth

Beckett lays on a blanket and babbles.

Diana sits in a chair and changes Beckett's diaper as he lies on an ottoman.

DIANA: I will even take the poopy diapers.

Diana sits in the kitchen and speaks to someone off-camera.

DIANA: I'm blessed to have it all. I really am.

A photo shows Diana and man sitting on a couch and holding the boys.

DIANA: Even the problems, I'm blessed to have, because I have them.

The screen fades to white and blue text appears next to the UnitedHealthcare logo.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealthcare®