Transcript: 5 tips for choosing a primary care doctor


When it comes to your health journey, it feels good to know you've got support every step of the way.

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That’s where your primary care doctor comes in.

Your doctor knows you best and understands your health history and health goals. This is who you turn to first — for everything from routine care to prescriptions and more.

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  • Checkups

    Well-child visits



Your doctor also provides you with preventive care, such as well-child visits, annual checkups, mammogram screenings and immunizations.

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And, since most doctors offer virtual visits for primary care, you can choose to see them in person or from home.

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So, whether or not your plan requires you to have a primary care doctor, it’s a good idea to choose one.

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And a tip? Be sure to choose one who’s in your network

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because staying in network can help save you money.

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For example, when you see a network doctor for preventive care, the visit is covered by most health plans at no additional cost.

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Now that you know the benefits of having a network doctor, let’s look at how to find the one that’s right for you.


Primary Care

Specialty Care

Medical Groups]

First, go to uhc dot com slash provider search. Then, choose your health plan name and select primary care.

You’ll be able to see which doctors are in network, if they're accepting new patients, and what their patient ratings and average costs are.


If you already have a primary care doctor and want to make sure they're in the network, no problem. All you have to do is search for them by name.

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Just remember, no matter where your health journey takes you, your doctor is there to support AND connect you with the

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care that helps meet your needs.


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