Transcript: Real Appeal Weight Loss Program Gives Busy Mother a New Mindset

The outside of a brick building features a sign that reads "MTM." A person walks along a sidewalk from far away.

A woman in a purple shirt holding a slip of paper walks into a room. She smiles for the camera and walks up to a photographer. Black dumbbells rest on metal shelves next to a mirror. Wallpaper features colored dots of various sizes.

The photographer looks into her camera. It flashes.

The purple-shirted woman poses for the photographer. She holds the slip of paper, which reads “Christina Shahan MTM 3/1/2019,” at her waist. The photographer walks over and takes the paper from her.

PHOTOGRAPHER: You're full of smiles this morning. I like that.

Christina now writes on a piece of paper while seated at a black desk. A small statue of a cherub sits next to a potted plant. Multiple computer screens are visible to her right.

CHRISTINA: Because I am a supervisor here, and I'm kind of a supervisor of my home, I'm always kind of having to worry about being charge of others and always having to be on.

Christina sits in the gym and speaks to the camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Christina Shahan

                                    Real Appeal Member

CHRISTINA: I'm very bad about taking care of myself.

The photographer takes pictures of Christina, who is standing and smiling. The screen fades to black as white text appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Christina joined Real Appeal,

                                    an online weight loss program

                                    offered by her employer's

                                    UnitedHealthcare plan.

CHRISTINA: It's so hard, because I don't want to get emotional about it, but I think my biggest thing is, I let my body and the food I was eating control who I was. I think that everyone should know that--especially my daughters--that it's easy to make the right choices.

Another angle of the outside of the building shows the "MTM" sign, plus the address written below it, "16 Hawk Ridge Drive." We pan down to find Christina and another woman leaving the building.

CHRISTINA: It's been a lot of work. The amazing thing is, our job is very motivating in these things.

We follow the two women as they walk along the sidewalk.

CHRISTINA: They did a step challenge. Track our walks. I'm a very, extremely competitive person. It's made me want to make sure that I'm getting more steps than everyone else.

Christina moves her arm out as she talks to the other woman. They continue walking.

Kerri speaks to the camera from a seated position.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Kerri Mileski

                                    Chief Human Resource Officer - MTM

KERRI: I highly recommend Real Appeal. If another HR or executive CEO came to us and said, "Hey, what do you think about this, and will it help our population?" I would say 100% yes. It's a win.

Christina, now in a pink shirt and running pants, jogs down a circular track outside. The screen fades to black. White text appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Christina lost 60 pounds in

                                    6 months, by tracking food and

                                    using Real Appeal's virtual

                                    coaching and exercise videos.

CHRISTINA: When I could start making it through workout videos without stopping, and I could make it through runs without stopping, it's like, wow.

Another angle of Christina running shows her from behind, then to the side as she jogs past a football scoreboard.

CHRISTINA: Like, I'm obviously really making a difference. I think I had to hit that low of how low I felt at 220 pounds and how low it made me feel to be able to change my mindset and know I never wanted to be at that point again.

Christina speaks to the camera while stopped on the track. Inside, she twirls her hair as she poses for the photographer.

In slow motion, the camera follows Christina from the front as she jogs down the track.

CHRISTINA: That's not gonna make you, like, a bad mom at the end of the day, and I think once I realized that, it made this whole journey so much easier.

Christina, two small girls, and a older boy and girl jog along a path in jogging clothes.

CHRISTINA: Come on, let's go! It gives you more confidence in everyday life. I mean, I go into work feeling more confident.

The camera follows one of the young girls as she jogs up to Christina, who faces her, hands outreached and ready to give a high five. They embrace.

CHRISTINA: I come home feeling more confident. It just has been amazing.

The group now walks along the track. Christina high-fives the girl.

GIRL: I won.

CHRISTINA: Good job. You won.

From a stationary, ground-level position, we watch Christina jog toward us on the track. She jogs past.

The screen fades to white. Blue text appears next to a solid-blue "U" shape and three gray curved lines.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealthcare®