Transcript: A Weight Loss Program Transforming Lives in a St. Louis Workplace

Elevator doors open as a bell rings. The camera moves forward into an open office area. Light music plays.

The camera peeks over an office cubicle and shows Kelsey King sitting at her desk, typing on her computer.

KELSEY: My name is Kelsey King. I am in the Quality and Compliance Department.

Kelsey sits in front of a white wall with colorful circles on it and speaks to someone off-camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Kelsey King

                                    Real Appeal Member

A large clear plastic jar sits on a desk. Inside are colorful notes folded in half. A framed photo of a baby stands next to the jar.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Great Moments



KELSEY: Every great moment that anybody on our team has, they have to document it in there, along with the date.

Kelsey sits at her desk and speaks. The Great Moments jar sits in the foreground.

KELSEY: So we've kind of used it for our weight-loss journey.

A close-up shot shows the folded pieces of paper inside the jar.

Photos of Kelsey and her family are shown against a white background.

KELSEY: I have an 18-month-old.

Kelsey speaks to someone off-camera.

KELSEY: As of today, she's 18 months.

A framed photo of Kelsey's daughter is shown.

KELSEY: When I was pregnant with her, I had gestational diabetes.

Kelsey speaks to someone off-camera.

KELSEY: So the doctor warned me, like, "Listen, if you don't get it together, like, you could end up having diabetes outside of your pregnancy." Now she's a toddler running around. I find myself, like, not having the energy to, like, go chase her at the park. Like, I would rather lay on the couch, and that's not acceptable.

The exterior of a building is shown. The letters MTM are displayed near the top.


                                    16 HAWK RIDGE DRIVE

KELSEY: So I want to be better for her.

The camera pans down and shows Kelsey walking out of the building with another woman.

The video fades and white text appears over the darkened video.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Kelsey joined Real Appeal.

                                    The online weight loss coaching

                                    program is offered by her employer's

                                    UnitedHealthcare plan.

Kerri Mileski is shown sitting in front of a glass wall. She speaks to someone off-camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Kerri Mileski

                                    Chief Human Resource Officer - MTM

KERRI: With Real Appeal, when we found out about that program, we thought it was--what a great way to provide a support system for employees that needed to make a change, because it is scary.

Kelsey walks in the street through a neighborhood with another woman.

KERRI: Not only did the wellness program catch on in our culture, but to get almost 100 participants or more for that first year was truly awesome.

Kerri is interviewed.

Kelsey stands and has her photo taken in front of a rack of medicine balls.

KELSEY: The amount of depression that I had...

Kelsey sits on a couch and wipes her eyes.

KELSEY: [laughs] Sorry. Why go to the store and shop for clothes? And it was just-- you know, it was just, like... I hated the way that I looked, and it was making me hate myself internally.

Kelsey kneels down and shows a Minnie Mouse doll to her daughter, who sits and goes down a small plastic slide.

KELSEY: Watch Minnie. Ready? Whee! Yeah!

Kelsey and her daughter hug.

GIRL: [giggles]

KELSEY: I don't consider Real Appeal a diet.

Kelsey is interviewed on the couch.

KELSEY: I consider Real Appeal, like, a way of living.

Kelsey smiles and hugs her daughter.

KELSEY: Good job!

A computer screen shows a video of a woman wearing a headset and looking into the camera.

KELSEY: I like that I have a coach to check in with weekly. I love that I have to document my weight.

A website is shown. Text appears, along with yellow and red boxes.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Today Messages Library Schedule


                                    Week 10 - Move It - and Lost IT

                                    - All Day Long

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Hi

                                    Extra NEAT

                                    activities can burn

                                    hundreds of

                                    calories a day

                                    Coach Jillian


                                    Looks like you missed

                                    Group Session 11

                                    MISSED SESSION


                                    @ 1:20pm

                                    Schedule a Makeup


                                    What is your weight?

                                    Track Weight

KELSEY: Love having that accountability.

Kelsey is interviewed on the couch.

KELSEY: I love that I have to track my food.

In the video, Coach Jillian holds up a plate with three colored sections.

KELSEY: I stepped on the scale every single day and was just tracking it, and that weight was just falling off.

Kelsey is interviewed on the couch.

Kelsey kicks a volleyball to her daughter outdoors.

The young girl kicks the colorful ball.


Kelsey walks in the yard and laughs.

KELSEY: I have so much more joy in my life again, you know. It's like I found purpose again. Come on, ready to do our push-ups?

The girl smiles and runs towards Kelsey, before falling in the grass.

KELSEY: I want her to know, no matter where you are, you are beautiful.

Kelsey and her daughter kick the ball in the backyard.

KELSEY: As your mother, I'm going to teach you how to eat right and to be physically active.

Kelsey is interviewed on the couch.

KELSEY: 30 pounds-- like, I can't believe I'm there.

Kelsey does push-ups in the grass while her daughter lies in the grass beside her.

KELSEY: It feels good. [chuckles] It feels good.

The screen fades to white and blue text appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealthcare®