Transcript: St. Louis Woman Gets Her Confidence Back with Weight Loss Program

A woman sits at a kitchen counter, holding a tablet device. A voice speaks from the tablet.

MIA: All right, welcome, welcome. How's everyone doing today?

JAMIE: This is a lifestyle.

The woman, Jamie, speaks to the camera from the counter.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Jamie Harrigan

                                    Real Appeal Member

JAMIE: It really is a lifestyle change.

Jamie taps an app on the device. It opens up to a red screen with white text that reads "Real Appeal."

JAMIE: It's amazing.

MIA: Well, my name is Mia. I am Jess' substitute coach for today.

Holding the device, Jamie taps a button on the screen to reveal a woman, Mia, speaking.

JAMIE: Every meeting day, I'll get up and I'll weigh myself.

A close-up of the device shows a summary of Jamie's health stats for today, including food, activity, and weight, with graphs and pie charts for each one. On another screen, she clicks the "breakfast" option among a list of meals, which reveals more stats.

The screen fades to a translucent black overlay with white text.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Jamie joined Real Appeal,

                                    an online weight loss coaching

                                    program offered by her employer's

                                    UnitedHealthcare plan.

We fade to an exterior shot of a brick building. A large sign reads "MTM."

JAMIE: I started seeing results the first week.

In a weight room, Jamie holds up a piece of paper that reads "Jamie Harrigan MTM 05.01.2019." She smiles.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Perfect, Jamie, good.

JAMIE: It was only, like, a pound. But it was still a pound.

In a large work room, dozens of employees sit at cubicles, looking at computer monitors.

JAMIE: When I first started my job at MTM, and we had a Christmas party, I had this black outfit.

Jamie holds up a photo showing her and a man smiling. Attached to the photo is a small plaque that reads "live, laugh often, love much."

JAMIE: And it has some sequins and my stones on it, and my husband said how--how pretty I was in that outfit and how much he loved that outfit, and I just want to be able to get back into it. 'Cause when you're just losing your self-esteem just makes you just lose everything.

Jamie works at her desk standing up.

JAMIE: You just don't feel like yourself.

A woman speaks to the camera from a seated position.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Alaina Macia

                                    Medical Transportation Management (MTM)

ALAINA: I believe that employers are the new communities for people and that really they need information from their employers on how they can live a healthier and happier life. So it's not just, you know, you're gonna save potentially health care dollars down the road.

Employees work at their cubicles.

ALAINA: You're also getting a level of employee engagement because they're very excited that their company cares about them as a person too.

Jamie's feet walk on a treadmill. A small tattoo of a leafy branch is visible on her right ankle.

JAMIE: So I'm up to now walking 30 minutes every morning. I have cleaned out my pantry, threw all the junk away.

A close-up of Jamie's tablet device shows a list of items, foods, and notes.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          toaster oven

                                    George foreman grill

                                    Actually I need a personal chef

                                    avocado toast

                                    grilled chicken

                                    blender for smoothies

MIA: Perfect, Jamie. So Jamie's sticking to the list. Why don't you think of some shortcuts that you have discovered already to making a quick and easy meal at home.

Mia talks to Jamie on the tablet device. She wears a headset with microphone.

A before-and-after photo on the tablet device shows a larger Jamie on the left, and a leaner Jamie on the right. Jamie's finger is visible on the edge of the device.

JAMIE: From my start weigh-in, I've lost 25 pounds.

Jamie pulls out the black dress from her closet.

JAMIE: So my goal is to get in the outfit this Christmas.

From a low angle, we see Jamie's legs and another pair of legs walk on treadmills.

JAMIE: I have self-confidence back. I feel better about myself.

MIA: But your quote for this week: "Every day, do something to inch you closer to a better tomorrow." And take care, everyone. Have a good one.

Jamie's finger hovers over the red "end call" button with white phone symbol on the screen as Mia says good-bye. We fade to a white screen with blue text and the three-pronged UnitedHealthcare logo.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealthcare®