Transcript: Renew Active Helps Keep a Retired Grandfather Moving

A blue filter lays over a video of Jim Brandmeyer moving about in his kitchen. Text appears on the blue background. Light music plays.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealthcare Medicare member:

                                    Jim Brandmeyer, Lenexa, KS

Jim sits a table with an iPad propped up on the table in front of him. He lifts a mug and drinks from it.

JIM: First and foremost, I'm a granddad. I love every minute of that experience, and I love that title.

Jim scrolls through photos on the iPad and smiles.

Jim is interviewed in his home.

A close-up shows Jim's hand on the mug.

Jim looks at the iPad at the table.

JIM: Jill and I--my wife and I, have been talking about, you know, retiring.

Two picture frames stand on a piece of furniture. Each show's Jim, Jill, and their daughter.

From a low angle, we see Jim sitting in a chair at the table as light streams in through windows behind him.

JIM: I'm seven years older than she is, so I got to retire first.

Jim sits in a wooden chair in front of a bookshelf filled with pictures in frames and speaks to someone off camera.

JIM: And that's when, you know, I started really enjoying my time.

Jim walks on an outdoor deck toward a railing.

JIM: It's the beginning of a new part of our life. You know, it's really, to me, the most fun part. It's the part that we've worked so hard for.

Jim lifts the mug and drinks from it.

JIM: My dad, he was really big. He was a big man. He started to get some cardiovascular disease toward s the end.

Jim is interviewed indoors.

Three bikes hang on the wall in a garage. Jim lifts one of the bikes and uses an air pump to fill the front tire.

JIM: Seeing the struggles that my dad had, I just, you know, said, "Jim, you're not ever gonna get yourself in that position."

Jim lifts a pair of sunglasses from a bicycle helmet resting on a rack. With one end of the sunglasses in his mouth, he puts the helmet on.

JIM: I'd always been really active.

Jim wheels the bike out of the garage.

From a low angle, we see a golf ball sitting near the edge of a hole with a yellow pin sticking out of the green. Another ball rolls toward the hole and falls in. In the background, out of focus Jim stands holding a putter.

JIM: You know, I love to play golf.

Jim walks toward on the green, carrying the putter.

JIM: And as I got older, I started getting into competitive cycling.

Jim straddles his bike in the driveway. He puts his feet on the pedals and starts out down the road.

JIM: I'll go to the local rec center where there's a fitness facility.

Jim rides away down the road of a subdivision.

JIM: And because of UnitedHealthcare and their Renew Active program, I have two different facilities I can go to within less than a mile of my home.

Jim wheels his bike up to a bike rack outside of a building with big glass windows and a blue brick wall.


                                    REC CENTER

Jim secures a bike lock around the rack, his frame, and tire and heads inside.

Jim is interviewed in his home.

JIM: Both offer different advantages.

Jim sits on a bench in a weight room, silhouetted against a wall of windows. He lifts a weight above his head with one hand.

JIM: You know, there's the same characters there every day, and they're all there, trying to improve themselves.

Jim lies on his back and shoulder-presses two weights overhead.

JIM: To have a program like Renew Active available to me, I can't tell you how much it means.

Jim pulls down on a weight machine that offers resistance.

Jim looks out the window as he takes a sip from a water bottle.

Jim is interviewed in his home.

JIM: It would cost me more to pay for those memberships than I am paying UnitedHealthcare in my monthly premium.

Jim lies on his back on a bench and lifts a weight behind his head with two hands.

Jim uses various weight machines at the rec center.

JIM: I want my granddaughter to remember me as a guy who could always chase me around, have fun, jump in the pool with me.

A framed photo shows Jim's granddaughter holding a golf flag on a course.

A photo in a white frame is shown on a countertop. It shows Jim's granddaughter smiling.

Another framed photo shows a baby stretching its arms above its head.

Jim is interviewed in his home.

Jim walks through the hallways of the rec center carrying his water bottle.

JIM: Being active enables me to continue to do that.

Jim looks out the window of the rec center.

JIM: And the best thing you can do for yourself is to start today.

White text appears onscreen as Jim is speaking.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          "The best thing you can do for

                                    yourself is to start today.."

                                    Jim Brandmeyer

The screen fades to white and the UnitedHealthcare logo appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealthcare