Transcript: Renew Active powers one woman’s quest for fitness

Alice beams and waves at the camera. She stands underneath an archway in her home as she speaks. A blue banner with white text identifies her at the lower left.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Alice

                                    UnitedHealthcare® Medicare Advantage Member


ALICE: Hi. [laughs] I'm Alice, and I live in St. Louis, Missouri.

A white bar passes over the screen and wipes away the blue graphic as she continues speaking.

ALICE: I really don't use the word "retire." For some reason, I don't like that stigma. But--so what I did, I just rephrased it. I call it a "flexible schedule," and that allows me to do what I want when I want.

Blue text appears on a white screen. It remains onscreen for five seconds and then wipes away as Alice continues her interview.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Renew Active

                                    by UnitedHealthcare®


ALICE: With a Renew Active gym membership, once I got my number, I did go online to double-check to make sure that the community center was one of the participating gyms. I found out that they were, and again, gosh, I just walk out my front door, make a right--I'm at the corner in about one or two minutes. Cross the street, and I'm at the community center. So within five minutes...

A still photograph shows Alice, at the gym, checking a fitness tracker on her wrist. She speaks in voiceover.

ALICE: I'm at the gym where there is a lot of equipment.

Blue text displays on a white screen.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Renew Rewards

ALICE: Under the step program, you get a dollar reward for every time you do 7500 steps.

Now, a photograph shows a close-up the tracker on her wrist displaying the number "7500" and footprint graphics.

ALICE: You just put that information on their website to document it...

She continues speaking to the camera in her home.

ALICE: And you keep going until you get to $115 max in terms of a gift card reward.

A white bar crosses over the screen as she speaks.

ALICE: The step program under Renew Active, for me, is an excellent motivator.

Blue text appears on white. She continues in voiceover.

ALICE: The weight loss was a side benefit. I got a talking scale through the over-the-counter program, through Medicare Advantage...

She speaks to the camera.

ALICE: And I am in the house alone, so, you know, I don't mind if it talks and says my weight. [laughs] You know. But I started weighing myself, and, you know, you see the weight decreasing. It's like, hmm, that's nice. And again, gosh, 40 pounds in I'd say about a two-year period.

A white bar crosses over the screen.

ALICE: For me, the best thing about Renew Active is the free gym membership. That, to me, made such a difference, to be able to join a gym at no fee and use the equipment.

The blue UnitedHealthcare logo appears on a white backdrop with fine print at the very bottom.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealthcare®

                                    Benefits and features vary by plan. Limitations and exclusions apply.


ALICE: Love it.

An additional paragraph of fine print appears underneath the logo and changes several times. The scene fades to black.