Transcript: Keeping an Active Body and Mind in Retirement

Holding hands, Tony and Nancy Chiu walk down a residential street while light music plays. Text appears on-screen.

ON SCREEN TEXT: UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage members: Tony and Nancy Chiu, South Amboy, New Jersey

TONY: My name's Tony Chiu.

NANCY: My name is Nancy Chiu.

TONY: We live in South Amboy, New Jersey. I'm married with my beautiful wife for about--almost 50 years now.

Tony and Nancy smile as they continue their walk. Nancy points out something to her right.

A close-up shows the couple's intertwined fingers.

TONY: And we are very happy to stay together and work together and help each other.

At home, Nancy and Tony swipe through photos on a tablet.

NANCY: I really enjoy my retirement life, because I love my children. I love my grandkid.

Nancy speaks to the camera. On the tablet, Nancy looks at a photo showing three smiling children, followed by a photo of a family.

Looking at the photos, Nancy and Tony laugh.

NANCY: I had very good health when I was young.

In an exercise room, Tony and Nancy speak to the camera.

NANCY: My age is going up. I start having some problems.

She pats Tony on the shoulder.

NANCY: But lucky, old man is healthy.

Nancy and Tony enter an office building with a UnitedHealthcare logo on the door.

NANCY: Then he's the one who takes care of me.

TONY: Yeah, I take good care of her.

On the building, a sign reads UnitedHealthcare.

TONY: UnitedHealthcare provides all the benefit programs that we can use to prolong our life together

Inside the building, Tony and Nancy chat with a woman.

GLENA: Hi, I'm Glena Lee, and I've been with UnitedHealthcare for almost five years.

Glena speaks to the camera.

GLENA: And the thing I like about this job is my direct interaction with the members.

In the office, Glena speaks to Nancy and Tony.

GLENA: The question they ask us is anything from claim inquiries, helping them to apply for the social service programs, or even if they have any questions, we can help them with that also.

At a table with Tony and Nancy, Glena points to a line in a pamphlet, which is in an Asian language.

TONY: They are really friendly people, and they really look at you and talking to you one-on-one, and that's what I really appreciate.

Close-up shots show Tony and Nancy smiling and nodding as they speak with Glena.

GLENA: Some of the benefits that we offer, which we find out is pretty important, is the fitness program.

A sign in the office reads UnitedHealthcare.

Dressed in exercise clothes, Nancy and Tony walk into a large building.


GLENA: As they retire, that's the place they socialize. They meet their friends.

Inside the community center, Tony and Nancy walk up a flight of stairs.

GLENA: They can do exercise at the same time.

In the community center, Nancy and Tony walk around a track that circles the top floor of the building.

TONY: UnitedHealthcare have this program called Optum Fitness Advantage, and that is at no extra cost at all.

In the exercise room, Tony speaks to the camera. Nancy and Tony walk into the exercise room. Then, they pedal stationary bikes.

NANCY: I come to, every day, just do an hour gym in the morning.

Nancy continues speaking to the camera.

NANCY: At the gym, I feel great.

Tony continues speaking to the camera.

TONY: Everybody, you know, is thinking about how to save money and trying to keep up with your health.

Side by side, Tony and Nancy pedal stationary bikes.

Tony walks on a treadmill in front of a large bright window.

TONY: UnitedHealthcare is the good and great decision for us.

With her hand on Tony's shoulder, Nancy smiles as they walk through the exercise room together.

Tony continues speaking to the camera.

TONY: And I love it.

Outside, Nancy and Tony grin and pose for the camera. Then, the screen blurs, and text details appear. Underneath are Nancy and Tony's signatures.

ON SCREEN TEXT: "When you have good health, you can enjoy more life."

TONY: When you have good health, you can enjoy more life.

The screen fades to white, and the blue UnitedHealthcare logo appears, followed by text in a small font.

ON SCREEN TEXT: UnitedHealthcare® 

To learn about UnitedHealthcare’s unique fitness program for body and mind, visit

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