Transcript: The intersection between loneliness and social isolation

Calm inspirational music plays. Graphics depict a grey-haired woman working at a desk. A banner appears above her reading “HAPPY RETIREMENT”.

NARRATOR: Times of transition, whether from a sad event, or a joyful one, can leave us feeling adrift.

The woman frowns as her office folds away into nothing. Now she smiles on a couch in a living room with three others: A man with a guitar, a woman, and a girl. Text appears on the floor.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Social


NARRATOR: Social connections are an important part of a healthy life.

The three other people disappear, leaving the grey-haired woman alone as text pops in around her.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          1 in 4

older adults

suffer from Social


NARRATOR: Being isolated and lonely can be harmful to your health.

The living room fades away as the woman frowns and the text is replaced.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          High

blood pressure


risk of heart disease



NARRATOR: It can lead to high blood pressure, a greater risk of heart disease, and early-onset dementia.

The woman smiles as a group of six family members stands near her.

NARRATOR: So, it’s important to build and maintain connections to people.

They move away as three women spring up around her. The women move into the background as a man and woman with three dogs pop up.

NARRATOR: Not just in your family, but others whose relationships bring meaning to your life.

The image zooms in on the woman’s smile and a painting easel icon appears with text.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          New hobby

The icon changes into four hands coming together and the text changes.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Volunteer

The icon changes into a cyclist on a bicycle and the text changes.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Exercise

The icon changes again into a cell phone and the text changes.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Stay in touch

                                    with others

NARRATOR: Trying a new hobby, volunteering, exercising, even using your phone or other device to stay in touch with others—all these can be great ways to keep up your social connections and your physical and mental wellbeing.

The woman sits cross-legged in a yoga pose with her eyes closed. Around her, groups of people spring up, including a mom and daughter, four travelers, and four friends. The woman opens her eyes and lifts her arms, then drops down onto the couch in the living room again, petting a dog on the seat next to her. Text appears below her feet.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Visit:


NARRATOR: Visit Connect2Affect dot org to see if you’re at risk of social isolation and find ways to get connected.

The text remains as the scene fades to white and two logos appear above. A blue u-shaped logo appears on the left, followed by text.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          United


An orange and brown logo is on the right.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          AARP Fountation®

                                    For a future without senior poverty.

NARRATOR: This message is brought to you by UnitedHealthcare and AARP Foundation.