Transcript: Helping those in need access health care, healthy food and more

Upbeat piano music plays. A photograph shows a crowded city street full of people wearing surgical masks over their mouth and nose. Blue text appears against a white background.


Onscreen text:           The pandemic has taken a toll

                                    on communities across the country.

More text appears, with the last two words of the sentence changing four times.


Onscreen text:           Some people may have

                                    experienced struggles

                                    with physical health.

                                    with mental health.

                                    with social isolation.

                                    with food insecurity.

More text appears.


Onscreen text:           UnitedHealthcare is investing

                                    in solutions that help address

                                    the needs of those we serve.

Colorful panels flash by, revealing a city street. A black man in a blue shirt and fedora stares at his phone as he strolls down a street. Two men sit beneath a bridge, one in a worn-down upholstered chair, the other in a large armchair with graffiti across its back. More graffiti covers a wooden fence in front of them and bits of litter surround the chairs. Text appears over the scene.


Onscreen text:           In July, we awarded $11.4 million in

                                  grants to help address the needs

                                  of underserved communities.

The strolling man walks past houses, his eyes scanning the street from behind his glasses. As he passes a homeless man sitting against a stone wall, he reaches out a hand and gives him a friendly fist bump. Now several people gather beneath a UnitedHealthcare branded canopy tent with blue and white balloons fastened to its metal legs. From behind a table, volunteers hand out boxes and bags of food with the UnitedHealthcare logo and pictures of hearty meals. In a building, a white man and a black woman wearing UnitedHealthcare shirts, and a white woman in a plain black shirt flank another white woman cheerfully addressing an unseen audience. All four people wear face masks. Text appears as the view focuses in on someone slicing open a cardboard box with a knife.


Onscreen text:           To date, we have invested more than

                                    $40 million in grants since 2018.

A person digs through the box of various sports balls wrapped in plastic. Volunteers in UnitedHealthcare shirts assemble a metal ball cage. A man twists a screw on an unseen object surrounded by various metal pieces. A white optometrist adjusts a binocular indirect ophthalmoscope strapped to his head, then holds an ophthalmoscope over his patient’s eye. The view gazes over a man’s shoulder at an optometrist pointing to an eye chart with a pen. Several pairs of eyeglasses are displayed in a row.

Colorful panels flash across the view, revealing a room with a stained-glass window and medical equipment. A grey-haired white doctor with a clipboard sits across from a black woman with her hair pulled back from her face. The view focuses in on a doctor flicking a capped syringe. Text appears.


Onscreen text:           Those grants have helped more

                                    than 6 million people in 28 states

                                    and the District of Columbia

                                    access the care they need.

A doctor studies the syringe in his hand. Next to him, a white man waits patiently in a chair in front of a stained-glass window. The doctor swabs the man’s arm with a cotton pad. A patient with curly hair and glasses sits beside a black doctor typing at a computer. A doctor places a band-aid over the injection spot on a man’s arm.

Colorful panels pass by, revealing a warehouse where two women survey metal shelves stacked with food. Text appears over the women.


Onscreen text:           We have distributed more

                                    than 117 million meals to

                                    help reduce food insecurity.

One of them stands with a grocery bag beside two freezers stuffed with frozen meals. People with umbrellas wander a long a rainy street. Beneath the cover of an umbrella, a man and a woman load the donated food onto a metal trolley. A volunteer hands a grocery bag to a huddled person in a yellow raincoat. A trolley filled with groceries rolls through a puddle.

Colorful panels flash past, revealing dozens of volunteers assembling a playground. A volunteer drills a screw into a metal pole. Text appears.


Onscreen text:           We built 33 playgrounds to help

                                    create a safe place for kids to play.

Two volunteers carry a panel toward the playground. More volunteers help each other hammer and fasten pieces into place on the playground.

Colorful panels flash past. In a gym, a white woman squats and picks up a weight plate, then carries it past a group of volunteers. Another volunteer carries a trestle from a weight rack across the room. Text appears.


Onscreen text:           We transformed more than

                                    200,000 square feet of fitness

                                    space to help kids stay active.

Volunteers assemble metal bleachers beside a swimming pool. A timelapse shows volunteers filling the gym with weight plates and equipment.

Colorful panels flash by. Several cars sit in a parking lot outside a red brick apartment building. Text appears.


Onscreen text:           We invested $500 million to help

                                    create more affordable housing.

Colorful panels flash past, revealing blue text against a white background.


Onscreen text:           Together with our grant

                                    partners, we are working to

                                    help people live healthier lives.

The stacked U’s of the UnitedHealthcare logo appear.


Onscreen text:           UnitedHealthcare

                                    Some footage filmed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.