Transcript: Bridging the gap between education and health care in Maryland

Uplifting piano chords are heard above percussion and bass.

A logo appears on a white screen: the domed roof of the Maryland State House is stylized in red above a yellow square. Text appears beside it:


                                    Chamber FOUNDATION

The volume of the music drops, and it plays softly in the background throughout.

A woman in her thirties sits in front of wide office windows at a white table. She wears a black blouse with a ribbon collar, and has dark, wavy hair. White text appears in the bottom-right of the screen.

ONSCREEN TEXT:     Jessica Galeano

                                    Loch Raven H.S., Baltimore County

JESSICA: I am a science teacher at Loch Raven high school in Baltimore County. And I have been there for 16 years.

The camera shifts to a close-up of Jessica as she continues speaking.

JESSICA: I love it. Definitely creature of habit – been in the same room there in the science department and I teach from a variety of courses.

Now, a blond woman interviews at the same table. She leans to the side as she speaks, resting her right elbow on the tabletop. She wears a dark blazer and blue shirt.

ONSCREEN TEXT:     Marissa Nettelbladt

                                    Director, Account Management for Key Accounts, UnitedHealthcare

MARISSA: Jessica right away came out of the gate eager, I could tell she just wanted to learn.

The camera shifts to a close up of Marissa as she continues speaking.

MARISSA: Her school has biomedicine, and we have a lot of opportunities in that field that she could bring back to her students.

As Marissa continues to talk, Jessica is shown standing at the entrance to a cubicle, posing with one hand on her hip, and the other resting on top of the cubicle wall. She smiles as the camera arcs in front of her.

MARISSA: So, I just knew she would be a great candidate and that she would offer a lot of information and ask great questions which she has done.

Now, a photo shows raised white text adorning a white wall:

ONSCREEN TEXT:     Helping people live

                                    healthier lives and helping

                                    make the health system

                                    work better for everyone.

In the photo, Jessica and another woman stand on either side of the text with a smile.  

MARISSA: So, a lot of the people that Jessica has met with have come out to me reached out to me and said, how wonderful and how engaging.

In a new photo, metal lettering and logos are mounted on a white wall. Company names run to the right of their respective logos:



Four women, Jessica and Marissa included, stand smiling in a row along the wall.

Then, a man with short, light-brown hair, stands in an office at a standing desk. Jessica stands chatting with him, her back to the camera. The shot changes, and Jessica is sitting at a desk. Her cell phone is propped up on the desk before her, and she nods, as if listening to something. Then, Jessica is talking again with the man at the standing desk.  

MARISSA: The teacher externship is a four-week program, it's every day, and it really is just her speaking with different departments within UnitedHealthcare, a big focus on their career paths, and where they began their career. So that way, they can understand all the skill sets that they need, whether that soft skills, you know, bring them back to their students, and really what to focus on to be successful.

A closeup appears of Marissa interviewing. Then, Jessica sits at the white table interviewing.

JESSICA: So, I was just fascinated by it, I'm always looking for something new.

Through a glass wall, Jessica is seen sitting at a conference table. She talks and laughs with someone off-camera.

Now, Jessica walks down an office hallway. Marissa walks on her right, and a woman with a ponytail walks on her left. They chat as they walk.

JESSICA: Just because I love to learn, I love to grow, working through my internship with UnitedHealthcare, which we got to hear from a variety of people. And I just love being in the midst of stuff with medicine. But some of my students want to help people, but maybe not get their hands dirty in the field. So, I thought this would be a really nice way for me to learn about other careers where they could still help people in the medical field, but not have the direct patient contact.

Jessica talks with the man at the standing desk. A laptop and monitor are turned on, facing the man. Text centers the computer monitor:


Marissa, the woman with the ponytail, and the man with short, light-brown hair stand talking in a sleek, white reception area. Metal lettering and logos are mounted on the wall behind the reception desk.



JESSICA: Insurance is something I don't think a lot of students think of initially just where they're going to help patients and you know, help people become healthier. But I just think there's a variety of everything here.

A close-up shot shows Jessica interviewing.

JESSICA: They definitely work in a collaborative environment. And they can always do something where there's so much growth, so you can come in and more of an entry level position, but then move your way up or maybe transfer to another sector that meets your needs more so too.

Marissa, the woman with the ponytail, and the man with light-brown hair stand in the reception area chatting. Then, Jessica is seen in an office talking to someone off-camera.

MARISSA: I'm hoping Jessica brings back that this is a company that believes in wellbeing. It's a family sustained. It's a great place to work if you have a family. We are focused on helping our communities.

Marissa sits at the white table interviewing.

Jessica walks down the office hallway talking with Marissa and the woman with the ponytail.

Then, Jessica stands in front of the cubicle again, her right hand resting on top of the cubicle wall.

MARISSA: And, you know, we believe in development of our team members, and it's just a great career journey to have. I would recommend companies to really participate in the teacher externship. This not only gave them an opportunity to learn about United Healthcare, but we actually got an opportunity to learn about the programs they're offering within their schools. And this has lent us an opportunity to get in front of their students and really make a difference in that community and that school system, and hopefully, make a difference in these student’s lives.

The Maryland Chamber Foundation logo appears on a white screen.


                                    Chamber FOUNDATION

Green and dark-grey text runs across a light-grey bar that centers the screen:



Italicized text appears below this.

ONSCREEN TEXT:     Extraordinary educators.

                                    Innovative businesses.

                                    Maryland’s future workforce.

The volume of the music rises, and an electric guitar solo is heard. A final note is struck, and the music fades out.