Transcript: Twin Cities students receive new equipment, renovated fitness space to stay active

A poppy tune is strummed on acoustic guitar. A bass drum thumps along.

A hand holds a socket set against a metal frame and cranks it back and forth. A blue bar slides out along the bottom right of the screen with bold white text inside it.

ONSCREEN TEXT:           St. Paul, Minnesota.

A man and a woman sit on a rubber mat on a gym floor putting together a power rack. She continues to crank the socket wrench.

A cylindrical roll of material roughly fifteen feet long is wrapped in white paper. Three people in red t-shirts and black shorts guide the material as they roll it on a pair of dollies first around a corner, and then down a hallway.

The Washington Technology Magnet School logo is painted on a white wall. A stylized purple bald eagle is seen from the front spreading its wings and opening its beak, as if screeching. Its body disappears into a white silhouette of the dome atop the Capitol Building.


                                    TECHNOLOGY MAGNET SCHOOL

BRETT: So today, I'm joined by a hundred UnitedHealth Group colleagues in the Twin Cities.

As a group of two men and two women continue to assemble the power rack, another woman holding a power drill does a half-jog-half-dance as she approaches them. 

A woman uses the power drill and a socket wrench to bolt together the base of the power rack. Behind her, a medicine ball leans against a cinder-block wall painted white.

BRETT: We're very excited to be partnering with the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation and the Team8 Tour today.

Mirrors line the wall behind the group. In the middle, a white pillar has black text stenciled across the top.


Running vertically below this, and starting from the ‘w’ in POWER, is another phrase:


Now, Brett stands in front of a blue background. He wears a light-blue and white striped collared shirt, and a dark grey blazer. A blue bar slides out along the bottom right of the screen with white text inside it.

ONSCREEN TEXT:           Brett Edelson

                                    CEO, UnitedHealthcare of Minnesota

BRETT: Our mission at UnitedHealth Group is to help people live healthier lives. And one way that you can achieve that is through helping youth have access to healthy lifestyles.

A male volunteer in a red t-shirt and a backwards baseball cap holds a piece of metal gym equipment as another volunteer positions a cross-bar at its base.

VOLUNTEER IN RED T-SHIRT: Yep, that's it just like that.

Another volunteer looks through a stack of cardboard boxes in a room behind a chain-link fence. In the room with him is a line of assembled exercise equipment: four stationary bikes, a bench-press, and a punching bag hanging from a power rack.  

A hand tightens a steel bolt against black metal.

Dozens of volunteers mill about the rectangular gym that stretches about sixty feet long and thirty feet wide. They continue to work. Gym equipment sits in various states of assembly on a black rubber mat. A length of exposed concrete floor still sits bare.

Black text is stenciled on the far wall.



STACIE: A few different projects for us. The main one is they're completely revitalizing our cardio cage and our weight room. Our fitness center. It means a lot. We have a high population of free and reduced lunch, and the reality is impoverished area. Of course, budget, right, is always a challenge. And so, to be able to have an opportunity like this. I don't think these areas have had any upgrades to them since this building was built.

Stacie sits in front of a white-mesh metal dividing wall as she speaks. She wears a grey Team8 t-shirt.

A blue bar slides out along the bottom right of the screen with white text inside it.

ONSCREEN TEXT:           Stacie Bonnick

                                    Washington Technology Magnet School, Principal.

A man, Ryan, kneels down and helps put together a piece of equipment.

RYAN: It's actually been 21 years since I've been here, graduated here from - in 2000. It was definitely overdue for a nice upgrade. So students here will get that kind of same opportunity and ability to work with new equipment that's not used or old or falling apart.

ONSCREEN TEXT:           Ryan Johnson

                                    UnitedHealthcare, Volunteer

Ryan stands in front of three trophy cases as he speaks. Each are about six feet tall and have two shelves. They are enclosed in glass and packed full of various trophies and plaques.

Now, two volunteers stand on either side of the flooring roll. The kick it forward. A blue bar hangs down from the top right of the screen with white text in it.

ONSCREEN TEXT:           UnitedHealthcare

                                    works with the Team8

                                    Tour to create safe,

                                    upgraded fitness

                                    spaces at schools

                                    across the country.

The text changes as the roll continues to unfurl.

ONSCREEN TEXT:           This helps encourage

                                    kids to maintain a

                                    healthier lifestyle that

                                    may continue into


A weight rack holds varying sizes of hand weights.

STACIE: We have a lot of pride here at Washington. They're just going to be so excited, I know, to see all of the brand-new equipment that's upgraded.

The assembled power racks and bench press equipment line one wall of the gym. A bright yellow floor now edges along the black rubber mats.

Orange and black medicine balls are stacked along a black metal rack.

Thirteen ab-roller bars are stacked neatly in a row in one corner of the gym.

The volunteer in the red t-shirt stands in a doorway as a group of students wearing grey Team8 t-shirts walk into the renovated gym and look around in excitement.

VOLUNTEER IN RED TEE: Come check it out!


VOLUNTEER IN RED T-SHIRT: You see a lot of things that are designed to get you moving.

Two hooks are mounted on the wall holding black battle ropes. Black text is written on the wall above them.

ONSCREEN TEXT:           “Find reasons to persevere rather

                                    than excuses to give up!”

The expanse of the bright, refurbished gym is shown.

MU: It looks so, like, open.

Mu stands before a brick wall and window as she speaks.

A blue bar slides out along the bottom right of the screen with white text inside it.

ONSCREEN TEXT:           Mu Tha Thor


MU: Coming to the weight room helps get my mind off things a lot. Opportunity to use the equipment… it will help a lot with our fitness, our mental health. I’m really thankful that you guys are doing this for us and for everyone else in the school.

A student whips the battle ropes, one in each hand, as a dozen other students stand watching behind him.

Now, another student takes a wide stance and pulls a rope attached to the wall. It stretches out with her effort. The rest of the students watch and applaud. Above where the rope is attached to the wall, black text is written.


                                    JUST RESULTS

The scene fades to a white screen.

The UnitedHealthcare logo arcs onto the center: a stylized navy-blue ‘U’ that stretches out to three lines. It is replaced with navy-blue text.

ONSCREEN TEXT:           United


The screen fades to black and the music ends.